30+ Auto-Inspired Home Decor Accessories For an Auto Enthusiast

30+ Auto-Inspired Home Decor Accessories For an Auto Enthusiast

Your home décor should mirror your personality and tell about the things you are passionate about in your life. People have different kinds of tastes when it comes to decorating their homes in that particular home décor theme. Some love gardening, while some want to decorate their homes with unique or ancient art pieces. Similarly, if you are auto an enthusiast, your fervor for cars or other vehicles should reflect in your home décor. It’s true that car lovers would not want to pass over a chance to decorate their interior with accessories and furniture inspired by cars. If you are a car fanatic and you have decided to give your home a makeover and endow it with the taste of your persona. Have a look at these 30 brilliant auto-inspired home decor accessories and furniture. We are sure some of these ideas will positively inspire you.

1. Auto Inspired Home Office

Create a thumping style state with a home office that ooze with automotive spirit. Incorporate a desk in your home office with tires as a base, and pair it up with an auto-inspired leather armchair. Place a car sofa on one side of your room and enjoy working in an environment you can’t get enough of.

2. A Simple Car Desk by Bel & Bel

Here’s how you can upcycle your old discarded car parts and make a chic desk for yourself or for your kid. Place it anywhere in your bedroom or living room to provide a motorized look to your space.

A Simple Car Desk by Bel & Bel
Image: Bel & Bel

3. Bel & Bel Scooter Chair

Need a minimal elegant auto-inspired chair to place in your garden area? Bel & Bel scooter chair is exactly what you need. You can buy them right away from Bel & Bel’s official website on pre-order in different shades and styles.

Bel & Bel Scooter Chair
Image: Bel & Bel

4. UFO Coupe 1500 Retro-Futuristic Refrigerator 

The UFO Coupe 1500 retro-futuristic refrigerator is a work of art of simple and hypnotic beauty by Bel & Bel, which stirs excitement at first sight. The small bar box or fridge is a part of Bel & Bel private collection. However, you can rent it for your next cocktail party by contacting them.

UFO Coupe 1500 Retro-Futuristic Refrigerator
Image: Bel & Bel

5. Sofa 600 Car Couch

Car aficionados would love to have this sofa 600 car couch in their caves. This timeless furniture piece is an embodiment of art and design that will surely add sporty cum comfy appeal to your living space.

30 Auto-Inspired Home Decor Accessories For an Auto Enthusiast-2
Image: Bel & Bel

6. Dying Ford Truck Office Desk

Blue Sky Performance and Restoration shows how you can restore an old savage truck to make your office desk. The whole restoration project’s cost was about $100, which we think is a fair pact for any auto fanatic.

Dying Ford Truck Office Desk
Image: Blue Sky Performance and Restoration

7. Beetle Herbie Sofa by Evolution GT

This swanky and stylish sofa by Evolution GT is a must-have for luxury auto-inspired home decor. The Beetle Herbie sofa can accommodate two people comfortably. It also comes with storage space in its bonnet.

8. The Dragons VC150 Vintage Car Bed

Give your little car lover boy a bed of his dreams. The Dragons VC150 car bed by UK-based Dragons of Walton Street comes complete with car keys, a personalized number plate, tinted Perspex windows, and working headlights.

9. Old Volvo Sink

It’s fantastic that how people have found ways to make kitchens automotive as well. Have a look at this cool old Volvo sink. Isn’t it a perfect installation for a motorized spirited man’s cookhouse?

Old Volvo Sink
Image: Pinterest

10. Vespa Scooter Chair

Vespa scooter chair is a masterpiece for auto-inspired home decor. Place this unique classic seat near your kitchen island to provide a comfortable eating space to your family members.

11. Tractor Coffee Table

This is how you can repurpose automotive parts into winsome furniture. This old tractor head is now a beautiful coffee table providing the right amount of old-fangled look to the entire space with matching leather stools.

Image: Pinterest

12. Truck Bathroom Vanity

This bright truck bathroom vanity with working headlights is fascinating for people who like distinctive home decor items. If it is something that inspires you, think twice before discarding your old car next time.

Auto-Inspired Home Decor Accessories Truck Bathroom Vanity
Image: Pinterest

13. Bugatti Veyron Desk

Luxury car fanatics would love to have a luxury desk inspired by the super famous car Bugatti in their dens. Have a look at this Bugatti Veyron Desk that looks simply dazzling. A furniture piece like this will certainly add a style to your auto-inspired home decor.

14. Lamborghini Murcielago Desk

Not just a Lamborghini car, if you are a Lamborghini fan bring in a Lamborghini Murcielago desk home too. The desk with classy replication of Lamborghini’s front adds the right amount of automotive-style quotient to the cave of an auto lover.

Lamborghini Murcielago Desk

15. Mercedes-Benz ArmChair

If you can’t get enough of a car’s interior, assimilate in your home too. Bringing in a Mercedes Benz Armchair will be a good idea for auto fans who love the comfort of seating on luxury cars’ seats more than on a usual armchair. Great idea!

Mercedes-Benz ArmChair Auto-Inspired Home Decor Accessories
Image: Pinterest

16. 1959 Corvette Pool Table

Use your old classic auto automobiles to create artistic fun pieces to upgrade your home decor. Have a glance this one of a kind pool table has been designed on a 1960 Ford Falcon model. Isn’t it a cool idea?

1959 Corvette Pool Table Auto-Inspired Home Decor Accessories
Image: Pinterest

17. Lamborghini Bed Set

This Lamborghini bed is a super cool idea for a car lover kid who just wants to eat, sit and sleep in a car. The bed with actual Lamborghini comfort and stylish headlights and tires will be a dream come true for your little champ.

Lamborghini Bed Set
Image: Pinterest

18. Bus Home Office

Okay! you need a space in your home to call your office? How about a bus home office that provides complete privacy and adds a massive style statement to your space. An auto fan can’t get a better office space than this.

Bus Home Office
Image: Pinterest

19. Steampunk Coffee Table

Love collecting industrial antique home decor items? This repurposed car engine coffee table that sits on an antique, 100-year-old plus Minnesota barn wood base is something you will surely adore. It is a creation of Minnesota-based Machine Age Lamps founded by Shawn Carling, the company provides Steampunk lighting and furniture fixtures.

20. Scooter Lamp

You can’t get a better bedside lamp than this for your auto-inspired home decor. These scooter lamps are also great to give away to a dear auto fanatic friend as a gift. You can also DIY one if you are good at recycling old things into something useful.

Auto inspired Scooter Lamp
Image: Pinterest

21. Car-Inspired Dining Area

Think twice next time before dumping your antique car as trash. You can cherish the old good memories of it for a lifetime by creating a dining area with it inside your home. Get inspired by this charming instaworthy dining area.

Car-Inspired Dining Area
Image: Pinterest

22. Beetle Style Home Bar 

This handmade automobile drink bar is by RetrogeR dream is specially built for vintage car lovers and a bibulous to make their automotive dreams come true. The fun Beetle Style Home Drink Bar is a great solution for styling any home, office, bar, man cave, or automobile shop.

23. Car Outdoor Planter

This cute wall planter is made from an antique trash car. What a great way to create something useful and beautiful using old cars. The car planter will look remarkable in your garden are near your garden shed.

Car Outdoor Planter Auto-Inspired Home Decor Accessories

24. Car BBQ

Outdoor enthusiasts would love to have a cool BBQ like this in their outdoor space. The chic car-inspired BBQ also has a boot space that you can use as a storage space to keep your food item.

Auto-Inspired Home Decor Accessories
Image: Pinterest

25. Car Bookshelf

Bring in antique-styled bookshelf like this in your living room and level up your auto-inspired home decor. It’s a dream come true for a bibliophile and car lover.

Car Bookshelf Auto-Inspired Home Decor Accessories

26. Wall-Mounted Car Shelf

This portable wall-mounted car shelf is a real charm for a Ford lover. It can overhaul the boring look of any living space, just place right and antique-styled showpieces on it. 

Car Wall-Mounted Shelf

27. Car Washbasin

A car lover would not mind having a car-inspired washbasin in its bathroom. This will be a unique addition to your home that guests will not stop admiring.

Auto-Inspired Home Decor Accessories-1

28. Car-Inspired Refrigerator

Can-inspired refrigerators painted in smooth car finish look incredible. A fridge like this will be a great addition for urban kitchens and car-inspired homes.

Car-Inspired Refrigerator Auto-Inspired Home Decor Accessories
Image: gorenje

29.  Supercar Engine-Inspired Espresso Machine

Why leave your kitchen while renovating your home in an auto-inspired home decor theme. Get a Supercar Engine-Inspired Espresso Machine and enjoy piping hot coffee every day. It will add a different kind of motorized charm to your kitchen space.

Supercar Engine-Inspired Espresso Machine Auto-Inspired Home Decor Accessories
Image: Pinterest

30. Car-Inspired Toaster

This car-inspired toaster is designed keeping smooth curves and fine lines of Volkswagen’s Volvo in mind. It is a must-have for people with an automotive mind

Car-Inspired Toaster Auto-Inspired Home Decor Accessories

31. Vintage Motorsports-Inspired Stool

Car speed fans would love having a stool inspired by the Goodwood Festival of Speed from the 1960s in their homes. Custom made one for you. It will look absolutely amazing in your home office or living from.

Auto-Inspired Home Decor Accessories

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