50 Christmas Tree Alternatives For Trendy Low-Budget Christmas Celebration

50 Christmas Tree Alternatives For Trendy Low-Budget Christmas Celebration

Bored of making your Christmas tree the same dull deal every year? It’s shocking but most people don’t like putting up Christmas trees in the same traditional manner every year, possibly because tree decoration comes with a lot of fuss, some don’t have enough space, or maybe some can’t afford new ornaments every year to make it look new and attractive. There also would be some people who just want to take an eco-friendly or budget-friendly approach. If you also have a small space, you want to deck up your space differently, or want to go green, try these Christmas tree alternatives. These ingenious, trendy, and low-budget Christmas tree alternatives will spruce up your space never like before.

1. Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

It’s a chance to repurpose all the pallet wood pieces that you have crammed up in your storeroom for years. Old unused pallets make a good material to create a Christmas tree. You just need to cut and fix them all together in the shape of a Christmas tree. Painting them in different colors will decide how attractive they look. You can make a number of them in various sizes and colors and place them in different corners of your house. You can make them as big you want or small enough to be placed on a table or shelf. Pallet wood Christmas trees are good to be used outside too.

50 Christmas Tree Alternatives For Trendy Low-Budget Christmas Celebration
Pallet Wood Christmas Tree Aternatives
50 Christmas Tree Alternatives For Trendy Low-Budget Christmas Celebration-1

2. Paper Christmas Tree

Surprisingly paper is a great material to craft different styled Christmas trees. This year, add to the feel of the festive season by crafting various colorful Christmas trees. Take some examples from the projects shown in the pictures below. To make them you just need some colorful papers, a scissor, glue, sequins, and a little bit of crafting skills. It will be a fun project to perform with kids and the entire family. 

Christmas Tree Alternatives - Paper Christmas Tree
Paper Christmas tree
Paper Christmas Tree-3
Paper Christmas Tree
Paper Christmas Tree-4
Paper Christmas Tree-5

3. Glass Bottle Christmas Tree

Give a second life to all the empty glass bottles that you have collected to give away in the garbage. Yes, you can use all those bottles to make a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly Christmas tree for this season. To make one, you only have to stack the bottles up to one over the other in the shape of a tree. You can stack them up vertically or horizontally according to the space and number of bottles you have. Inspire people around you with this environmentally friendly and affordable Christmas tree.

Glass-bottle-Christmas-tree-Christmas Tree Alternatives
Glass-bottle-Christmas-tree-Christmas Tree Alternatives-1

4. Ladder Christmas Tree

Ladder Christmas trees are have been around for a couple of years. They are a great choice for people looking for a minimalist and eco-friendly decorating ideas for Christmas. They are also budget-friendly and can be decked up at the last minute without putting a lot of effort. They will still look beautiful and attract everyone’s attraction at the party. With a ladder Christmas tree, there is plenty of scope for showcasing your creativity by decorating with strip lights and other Christmas ornaments.

Ladder Christmas Tree Ideas
ladder Christmas Tree idea

5. Balloon Christmas Tree

You can create a beautiful red, green, white, pink or orange Christmas tree with balloons. You will just have to buy some balloons from the craft store and fix them in a tree’s shape using cello tape. You can decorate your lightweight Christmas tree using glitters, tinsels, and sequins. See some ideas below on how you can do that.

Ballon Christmas Tree Decoration
Ballon Christmas Tree Decoration -1

6. Pineapple Christmas Tree

You can make a small tabletop Christmas tree using a pineapple. It is the latest trend that everyone is trying this year and showcasing their amazing decorating skills. It is not only a very budget-friendly idea but also look eye-catching wherever you place it.  Making this lightweight Christmas tree is super simple; just make sure you use fresh pineapple and decorate it with beautiful embellishments and festive lights.

pineapple-christmas-tree decoration idea

7. Book Christmas Tree

Showcase your love for books this Christmas by creating a book Christmas tree. It will be a dream come true for most book lovers. To make it you just have to stack the books upward to look like a Christmas tree. After that, you can embellish the tree using the desired Christmas tree decoration. It’s a great chance to show off your creativity and your love for books with this budget-friendly Christmas tree alternative.

pineapple-christmas-tree decoration idea

8. Cardboard Christmas Tree

We usually throw all the cardboards we get with gift packs and online orders, but surprisingly you can make a beautiful Christmas tree out of them. The DIY process for this project is easy and you can involve your entire family in it and have a great time with them. It is a super inexpensive and eco-friendly idea that anyone can try crafting, to make this year’s Christmas a little bit different.

Cardboard Christmas Tree Aternative

9. Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree

This should be your tree this year if you are an environmental conservationist and wants to go green this year. Collect all the plastic bottles that your friends and neighbors have used in previous months, and make a beautiful Christmas tree out of them. It is a pretty good idea to promote recycling and green living. The idea inexpensive but beautiful, and anyone could make this with a little bit of crafting skills, patience, and zeal.

Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree Alternative

10. Yarn Christmas Tree

The yarn Christmas tree is one of the easiest Christmas tree ideas to set on a tabletop or shelf. You can make multiple of them in different colors to display on a table, above a fireplace mantel, or shelf. You can make one easily by wrapping the yarn around a cone made of cardboard or paper. You will have to fix the yarn on the cone using glue. A tree with colorful yarn will look more attractive. 

yarn Christmas Trees

11. Crocheted Christmas Tree

If crocheting is your hobby, then you can make some cute crocheted Christmas trees, ornaments, and embellishments this year. These cute adorable crocheted Christmas trees will add to the feel of festivity and brighten up your space. It’s a chance for you to show off your amazing crocheting skills by making a small or life-sized Christmas tree.

Crocheted-Christmas-Tree decoration

12. Wine Cork Christmas Tree

It’s time to reuse all the wine corks that you have collected in previous months for no reason.  You can make a whimsical Christmas tree using them. Start gluing the corks in an upright direction around a styrofoam or cardboard cone. Make sure you leave small gaps between each piece of cork to place battery-powered LED lights. You can decorate the tree more with a bow, a star, glitters, tinsels, sequins, or other ornaments.

Wine Cork Christmas Tree

13. Gift Christmas Tree

Making this tree is as fun as receiving gifts.  Stack up gifts upward to look like a tree tower, that you will give to your friends and relatives at Christmas. The tree will look amazing if you will wrap gifts in red and green wrappers. Embellish your tree a little bit Christmas decorative. Add a star, ribbon bow, or bell as a tree topper to complete the look.

Gifts-Christmas-Tree Alternatives
Gifts-Christmas-Tree Alternatives-1

14. Twig Christmas Tree

Collect some twigs from outside or buy fake ones from the craft store near you. Put them in beautiful vases and decorate with eye-catching Christmas ornaments. You can place this lightweight low-budget Christmas tree inside and outside as well. Your neighbors and friends will definitely love this piece of craft in your home.

Twig Christmas tree

15. Chalkboard Christmas Tree

If you are good at drawing, a chalkboard Christmas tree is something that you should definitely try to make your Christmas a little different this year. You can use different colors to make it look attractive.  To make it look more interesting, add Christmas notes at the sides of the chalkboard. You can also decorate the edges of the chalkboard with the Christmas embellishments that you already have with you from the past few years.

Chalkboard Christmas Tree
Chalkboard Christmas Tree Idea
Chalkboard-Christmas-Tree Decor

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16. Pom-Pom Christmas Tree

Pom-Pom Christmas tree is the most trendy and easy to make tree in the list that even small kids can make effortlessly.  You just need to glue colorful pom-poms around a cardboard or paper cone to form a tree. Try to add more colors to the structure and then glam it up with a stunning starry tree topper. You can as well glue some shiny flecks to the tree structure, to make it look more vibrant. Make a life-size pom-pom Christmas tree to set the colorful mood in your Christmas party.

Pom-Pom Christmas Tree - Christmas  tree Alternatives
Pom-Pom Christmas Tree- Budget-Friendly Christmas Tree
Green Pom-Pom Christmas Tree
Pom-Pom Christmas Tree

17. Hanging Christmas Tree

To make a hanging Christmas tree, collect different sized fallen tree branches and tie them up in the shape of a Christmas tree. Use the largest branch as a base, then tie all other branches in descending size order from down to up. This way you will make good use of fallen tree branches that otherwise would only be a landfill.

Hanging Christmas Tree
Hanging Christmas Tree
Hanging Christmas Tree

18. Wall Mounted Christmas Tree

No need to bring in a whole big tree inside your house for the Christmas celebration.  If you have limited space, you can turn your one wall into a Christmas tree by decorating it with available Christmas embellishments. Here are a few best wall mounted Christmas tree inspirations.  We are sure these ideas will make your boring space vivacious.

Wall Mounted Christmas Tree

19. Cone Christmas Trees

You can create so many different colored or styled Christmas trees just with cardboard or paper cones. Make a big one for Christmas eve and surprise your guests with your creativity. You can use, glitter, colored papers, sequins, tulle, burlap, and tinsels to embellish it look unique and attractive.

Cone Christmas Trees

20. Cactus Christmas Tree

Decorate a little out of blue this year with a Cactus Christmas tree. A cactus Christmas tree unexpectedly boosts the exquisiteness of your Christmas decoration. You don’t have to have real cactus to make one. You can use pallet wood pieces and fix them to form a cactus shape. After that and put the figure into a terracotta pot and fill the pot with soil. Wrap newspaper around the cactus figure to make it look impenetrable. Now, color the cactus and decorate the way you want to decorate it using Christmas ornaments.

Cactus Christmas Tree - Affordable Christmas Tree-1
Cactus Christmas Tree - Affordable Christmas Tree

21. Cotton Christmas Tree

Dazzle your friends with small and life-sized cotton Christmas trees. What an amazing way to celebrate winters and Christmas? What all you need to put a cotton Christmas tree is a lot of cotton, paper or cardboard cone, and glue. Deck it up like the way you want using beautiful Christmas ornaments.

Cotton Christmas Tree
Cotton Christmas Tree-1

22. LED String Light Christmas Tree

If you have collected so many LED string lights in the previous Christmas season then here is a chance for you to make good use of them this Christmas. Make your Christmas bright and dazzling by putting up a LED string light Christmas tree. You can use colorful lights and turn your home into a soothing light club. Here are a few examples of how you can do that.

LED String Light Christmas Tree
LED String Light Christmas Tree-1

23. Butcher Paper and Paint

How simple and beautiful is this Butcher paper and paint a Christmas tree? This is good to go if you believe in your painting skills. The best thing is that you don’t need expensive ornaments or items to make it. You just need butcher paper, white paint, and a few embellishments that you already have available one you. It will look so incredible above your Christmas fireplace mantel.

24. A Dress Form Christmas Tree

If you are a fan of Disney princesses, then a dress form Christmas tree will surely impress you. You can create a dress form using thin metal wires. However, if you don’t already have one with you. After that just deck it up with colorful or just with green tinsels and other Christmas ornaments.  The Christmas tree surely will be a focal point of your Christmas decoration.

A Dress Form Christmas Tree
A Dress Form Christmas Tree-1

25. Photo Collage Christmas Tree

Take your family and friends a little back and remind them of all those beautiful memories that you had with them. Create a tabletop photo collage Christmas tree by sticking your favorite family photos upward in the shape of a Christmas tree. You can use cardboard for sticking the pictures on. If you don’t have cardboard, stick the photos on one of your walls at home. The tree will be a centerpiece of your Christmas celebration with cherished memories on display that everyone in the party wants to recall.

Photo Collage Christmas Tree
 Photo Collage Christmas Tree-1

26. Succulent Christmas tree

If you have succulent plants in your garden, then you are lucky enough to make your Christmas decoration unique and attention-grabbing. Deck your succulent plants like a Christmas tree, and give a new nature-inspired makeover to your Christmas decoration this year. No matter where you place them, they will look super cool at every corner of your house. You can place them outdoors. Scroll down some amazing ideas.

 Succulent Christmas tree
Succulent Christmas tree-5
Succulent Christmas tree-4
Succulent Christmas tree-2

27. Felt or Fabric Christmas Tree

Add a festive feel to your home with these cute little felt and fabric made Christmas trees. If you make them small, they also could be a great Christmas ornament for your Christmas tree. You can make them freestanding or hang them on your walls. Make them in different colors and styles to dazzle your guests with your creativity.    

Felt or Fabric Christmas Tree
Felt or Fabric Christmas Tree-1
Felt or Fabric Christmas Tree-6
Felt or Fabric Christmas Tree

28. Recycled Box Tree

Who doesn’t have loads of boxes especially around the holiday season?  You know give a shape to your Christmas tree using them with striking lights and an amazing tree topper. This is an amazing eco-friendly Christmas tree that needs almost no money to brighten up your space for the celebration.

Recycled Boxes Christmas Tree

29. Sequin Christmas Tree

Add some sparkle to your celebration with a Sequin Christmas tree.  You can choose the color of sequins according to your personal choice or home décor theme. The tree will make your space a little bit more inviting and striking for Christmas eve.  Making is so simple; just attach sequins on a cardboard cone using glue to look like a glittery Christmas tree.

Sequin Christmas Tree
Sequin Christmas Tree-1

30. Seashell Christmas Tree

Use seashells to make a tabletop Christmas tree. The task is to glue up seashells on a cone to look like a Christmas tree. It is a fun project that you will love performing with your little kids. And no doubt it will look cute in your space.

Seashell Christmas Tree
Seashell Christmas Tree-11

31. Candy Christmas Tree

Make your Christmas tree a delicious treat with a candy Christmas tree. The tree will be a dream come true for your little ones and they will love plucking candies from it on Christmas eve.  To make it, you just have to glue up some attractive and delicious candies on a cone to form a little Christmas tree.  

Candy Christmas Tree
50 Christmas Tree Alternatives For Trendy Low-Budget Christmas Celebration-3

32. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Christmas advent calendars are in trend for a long time back. This year, create a unique advent calendar tree. Take some examples from the pictures below. You can fill every date of the month in it with a little surprise. You can put different surprise chocolates or candies in each date box, or put a sweet memory photograph in them of the passing year.

50 Christmas Tree Alternatives For Trendy Low-Budget Christmas Celebration-6
Christmas Tree Advent Calendar-2

33. Pine Cone Christmas Tree

If you are not a fan of vibrant colors but need something simple yet unique to decorate your home for Christmas then nothing is better than a pine cone Christmas tree. The tree can be embellished with beautiful colors, glitters, lights, and tiny Christmas ornaments. It will provide you home nature-inspired festive appeal.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree
Pine Cone Christmas Tree-1

34. Corner Shelf Christmas Tree

Corner shelf Christmas tree can turn your boring corner into a lively space. The advantage of having this tree is that you don’t have to worry about hanging ornaments on it like with traditional Christmas trees. You can decorate it easily by placing Christmas ornaments on its shelving units. To glam it up with a little more, add LED string lights on its corners.

Corner Shelf Christmas Tree-1

35. Pillow Christmas Tree

If you have many different colored pillows in your home, it’s time to make a good use of them for making a budget-friendly Christmas tree. Just stack them to look like a Christmas tree. To add prettiness to it, deck it up with LED string lights and you are good to display it.

Pillow Christmas Tree

36. Ribbon Christmas Tree

There is so much you can do with ribbons to decorate your home for Christmas. Take a look at these mini colorful Christmas trees. Aren’t they cute and just right to add more charm to your festive decoration? They are simple to craft that little kids can put up them without any hassle.

ribbon Christmas tree
Ribbon Christmas Tree-1

37. Corner Wall Christmas Tree

You don’t have to worry if you can’t bring in a life-sized Christmas tree inside your home due to less interior space. You can turn a corner wall into a Christmas tree that everyone will surely appreciate. To do this, you only need a few embellishments and good festive lightings.

Corner Wall Christmas Tree

38. Button Christmas Tree

Make some cones out of colorful papers and embellish them with colorful pretty buttons. To glue up buttons on cones use white glue. You can also add some sequins and glitter to make little trees look more interesting.

Button Christmas Tree
Button Christmas Tree-1

39. Terracotta Pot Christmas Tree

You need empty terracotta pots to create this outdoor Christmas tree. These are perfect for decorating gardens for Christmas. To create one, stack up terracotta pots one on another, making a tree. Keep the largest pot at the bottom, and the smallest at the top. Paint them all in a single solid color, and decorate it with ornaments that you have already available on you.

Terracotta Pot Christmas Tree

40. Vinyl Christmas Tree

The easiest way to decorate for Christmas is to buy vinyl Christmas tree that you can stick on your wall. You can buy Vinyl Christmas tree in different colors and designs to match your decor. Buy one that appeals you.

Vinyl Christmas Tree
Vinyl Christmas Tree-1

41. Twine Christmas Tree

To make these cute Christmas trees you need a twine circle pack. Just simply glue the twine around a paper or cardboard cone and then deck it up like a real Christmas tree using tiny cute decorations like buttons, beads and stars.

42. Hanging Ornament Christmas Tree

This one is really unique and will be the best pick for homes with high ceiling. To put up one like this you need to have a lot of Christmas ornament balls. Just simply hang them all from your ceiling, giving a shape of a Christmas tree. Take an example from the pictures below.

Hanging Ornament Christmas Tree
Hanging Ornament Christmas Tree-1

43. Wall Art Tree

It is not necessary to always bring in a real tree inside your home for Christmas. Show off your painting skills this year by creating a wall art Christmas tree with some festive lights on to welcome the bearded oldie. Have a look at these some amazing wall art Christmas trees. Aren’t they good to spruce up the feel of Christmas in your room?

Wall Art Tree
Wall Art Tree for Christmas

44. Tinsel Christmas Tree

Tinsel is easily available around Christmas everywhere, and it is inexpensive too. Make good tinsels for making life-size colorful Christmas trees for the year’s biggest celebration. Decorate your tinsel tree the way you want by choosing beautiful vibrant colors and ornaments.

Tinsel Christmas Tree

45. Tulle Christmas Tree

If you are good at stitching fabric then tulle is the material that you could use to create the best looking Christmas tree alternative. Buy them in various attractive colors and stitch them like a tree for the year’s biggest party.

Tulle Christmas Tree
Tulle Christmas Tree-1

46. Hanging Branch Christmas Tree

No need to cut a whole tree to deck up your home to welcome Santa. Just cut one branch and hang it over your ceiling decked with lovely Christmas ornaments. The hanging branch Christmas tree will look unique and attractive in your space.

Hanging tree branch Christmas tree

47. Mirror Christmas Tree

Everyone is aware of how beautiful things we can create using mirrors, then why not a Christmas tree. The amazing idea will definitely make your Christmas decoration unique and inst-worthy.

Mirror Christmas Tree

48. Christmas Card Tree

Everyone every year receives Christmas cards. How about making a Christmas tree this year using all of them? It’s a great idea to show your friends and loved ones their worth by telling them you still have their lovely cards and you value them.

Christmas Card Tree

49. Mermaid Sequin Christmas Tree

You must have seen mermaid sequin on pillows or t-shirts, but have you seen it on a Christmas tree? Having a mermaid sequin Christmas tree sounds like a nice idea. Changing the color of it by rubbing hands on it will be a fun task for little ones at your home.

Mermaid Sequin Alternative Christmas Tree

50. Metal Stand Tree

This metal stand tree is so gorgeous and perfect to set on a tabletop. The tree will not take much time to build. You just need a metal wire and some Christmas ornaments to make one like this. It is super easy and cheap to build. Anyone with medium crafting skills can make it.

Metal Stand Tree

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