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An Artistic Approach to Home Decor – Think Like an Artist

Home is the one place where you feel most safe and at comfort. No matter where you go, there is no place like home. Vacations are always refreshing, but at the end of the day, you start missing your favorite corner in your house. Artistic home decor is a dream for us all and when we get our own house, we thrive to make it a haven through design and creativity.

While some go for minimalistic spaces, some for elaborate design, the artistic aspects in the interior design are crucial. Homes are special and the center of our individual universes, therefore it becomes important to create a space that is the true embodiment of aesthetics and unique choices.

However, unless you are an art curator, gallery owner or artist, chances are you don’t know much about art. Nevertheless, choosing art for the home is much more instinctive than you might think. Here we are going to share a few tricks and tips to help you decorate your home like an artist with impeccable art pieces – be it original paintings, sculptures, photographs, or prints.  

1. Get what you like

Though you can adapt to certain rules for your interior décor, such as incorporating neutral couches or flooring, artists urge people to use their walls for more eclectic choices. Walls are a great place to display your artistic style. Express your creative side through color, content, and texture. You can pick whatever speaks to you, whatever you like to make an artistic statement. You can pick metallic art pieces, canvases, or sculptures for your house – depending on your preferences. Furthermore, plants can add an artistic element to your abode as well, provided that you know how to play with them.

2. White walls for a spacious feel

Nothing screams creative than clean, white walls that can make space look bigger and wider like an art gallery. Walls play a major role in giving an artistic look to your interiors. You can achieve a minimalist ambiance with plain white walls, which will give a massive opportunity to play around with a wide range of artwork. The colors and designs of the art pieces will stand out against the bare background of the walls to give an art gallery-like atmosphere.

An Artistic Approach to Home Decor - Think Like an Artist
Image: Houzz

3. Art installations and sculptures

You can fill your house with art installations and sculptures of all kinds. Although many think that it is tacky to have art installations and sculptures in their house, these exquisite touches can elevate your design element instantly. Based on your personal choices, you can pick up attention-grabbing pieces from local wood markets, warehouse clubs, or a nearby art gallery. Besides, you can always find great sculptural or installation art pieces while traveling. You can collect artifacts from all the places you visit and create a fascinating world culture inside your house.

Artistic Home Decor ideas-2
Image: Instagram/hauterestorations
Artistic Home Decor ideas
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4. Experiment with your furniture

We all hold fast to the idea of clean and simple furniture articles, however, experimenting with your furniture can help provide an aesthetic allure to your space. You can explore various materials and designs for furniture in your bedroom, living room or study room furniture. While main furniture pieces such as beds and sofas are expensive, you can make a great style statement with smaller, accent furniture in any room setting.

There are many innovative pieces in the market to pick from, with bright and striking color combinations. Get a beautiful side table, a small console, or a funky chair. You can try out such pieces in various corners of your house. Accent furniture must have a stand-out element, like stylized design, bright colors, and a hand-painted feature, something with a true artistic attribute.

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Unique Furniture design for an artistic home decor
Image: mousarris
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Chair design ideas for an artistic home decor

5. Pictures and painting

Many art enthusiasts wonder how to decorate their house like an artist. Well, the first and foremost thing to do is to incorporate artistic pieces into your house. It could be a selection of personal photographs or the work of your favorite artist. Frames are very important as they can enhance whatever you put inside them.

If you are going to add artworks, you must familiarize yourself with the artist. Getting to know the artist helps you understand the content of the work and the context around the piece itself. You can choose contemporary, classic or abstract art for your interior space – all of them create an interesting outlook and thought-provoking perspectives from visitors.

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Image: elledecor
An Artistic Approach to Home Decor - Think Like an Artist-11

6. Prints of Master Artists

We all love hanging a large painting in the living room or bedroom, but we understand that buying original artwork is just not practical for most of us. Even if you want to get artwork by a lesser-known local artist, it could burn a hole in your pocket. As an alternative, you can invest in limited edition prints of such beautiful artworks by master artists, such as Picasso, Kandinsky and more. High-quality prints, usually made using the serigraphy technique, have a very similar texture to paintings, making them look absolutely stunning.

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An Artistic Approach to Home Decor - Think Like an Artist-13

7. Create a Gallery Wall

You can try and create a gallery wall with playful arrangements. A gallery wall can add a big impact on your space. Imagine a tight geometric arrangement that can give your space an organized and pulled-together feeling or one that is more free-flowing and organic – either one can create a brilliant aesthetic corner. You can browse Pinterest to see different illustrations of gallery walls, which will help you choose the right type suitable for your space.

You can also try out various arrangements or configurations of your art pieces on the floor to see how they would turn out on the wall. You can trace the frame of each piece with paper and stick it wall with tape to make the transfer of your gallery wall display to your wall an easy task. Once everything is set and looks good you can easily hang your pictures.

How to Create a Gallery Wall in home
How to Create a Gallery Wall in home-1
How to Create a Gallery Wall in home-3

8. Create Travel Collectible Collection

We all like to pick up small and unique souvenirs when we travel places. Interestingly, there are so many affordable, yet incredible options to be found in the world. Whether it is traditional masks, small postcards, or shot glasses from every new place you visit – all you need to do consciously lookout for these on your travels, and build your collection over time. You can effortlessly display these into your décor on the walls, a cupboard, or a long table. You can create your very own, unique and expressive travel collectible collection that will surely be a conversational piece.

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Artistic home decor trends
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9. Try Traditional Work

Traditional arts have an exquisite, detailed and stunning element that is capable of adding a distinctive character to your home décor. Besides, traditional artworks are not that expensive. For example, Indian traditional art forms of Madhubani or Pahari paintings or African folk art are brilliantly wonderful and bring an ethnic touch to your abode. These traditional paintings can elevate the artistic element of your house, without spending too much money. Moreover, traditional art is more valuable than digital art as every piece is original, no one else can duplicate it, there is no mass production, and everything is always different and unique.

Artistic home decor trends-5
Image: wayfair
Artistic home decor trends-6
Image: Etsy/Somafolkart

10. Books as Décor Pieces

Not many people think this, but books can be a great décor accessory. If you are an avid reader, who loves a real, physical book in this age of technology, you have an artistic advantage. As you expand your book collection – whether they are glossy coffee table books, novels, or cookbooks – it gets difficult to keep them organized. Fortunately, books can be an amazing and versatile addition to your home décor. Big books with stunning colors, beautiful covers make a great decorative piece when stacked together or placed at angles. These look great on coffee tables or even side console tables in the hallway or living room. Let’s get to work and be creative.

Decorating home with books
Image: PInterest
Decorating home with books-1
Image: PInterest

11. Personalized Art

Before investing in artworks, you must find something which is authentically you, something that captures your style and personality. This does sound a bit complicated, but choosing pieces that display something you want to convey or have a love for is important. Pick pieces and art styles that speak to you and your personality. It could be anything, from something spiritual to something brilliantly creative. Find art that you are authentically drawn to and that makes you feel excellent. You do not want to choose art or art styles because they are popular or trending on Internet, because in the end, many people are going to opt for those. The more “you” they are, the more you will enjoy these works.

Personalized decor art
Image: PInterest
Intricate wooden decor items-5
Image: PInterest

12. Create an Ambiance

Create an artistic ambiance. Consider the use of the room or space you want to dress up with a certain feeling. For instance, if you want to add a sense of calm to your bedroom, you should look for images or art pieces that have that effect on you naturally or inspirational and motivational pieces to add an uplifting energetic vibe to your home office. Whatever you choose to display in your space, you must consider its mental effect on you. If an artwork makes you feel good and happy, you should get it.

Home decor trends for attistic home
Image: Pinterest

13. Use Awkward Spaces

Surprisingly, awkward spaces are the perfect spot for displaying thought-provoking art pieces. Many of you have that strange corner, odd wall or space in your homes which you don’t understand what to do with. These unusual corners are a brilliant space for hanging one or more pieces of art to provide it a new sense of purpose and splash of life. It doesn’t matter if you choose a big or small artwork, you need to have a creative side to use up the quirky spaces in your home and enliven it.

Using waste space in home

14. Consider the Height

When you hang artworks, take height into consideration. The general rule for hanging artwork is to have the center of the work be around 57 inches (145 cm) above the floor, which is about eye level for the average person and the standard used in galleries. Although, we understand that you don’t live in a museum or gallery, and this rule does not work in dining rooms or living rooms where we tend to mostly sit. In such a space, you have the liberty to hang your art a little bit lower. This will make it a bit more comfortable to look at and will blend with the other furniture in the room.

Positioning  the wall art walls
Image: Studio-mcgee

15. Avoid the Kitchen

While we recommend utilizing every nook and cranny creativity, putting artworks in the kitchen may not be the best idea. As you may well know that cooking spaces tend to get a bit cluttered, and the last thing you need in there is artwork taking up more space on the walls. And it doesn’t help if you have a small kitchen. On other hand, if you have got a big, spacious kitchen, you should consider vintage or modern pieces to incorporate in your cooking space that mostly depends on your kitchen design. Moreover, if you want artworks in the kitchen, you must be careful not to hang it anywhere near heat or water.

Decorating kitchen with artworks
Image: Pinterest

16. Bathroom Artworks

Big, spacious bathrooms are perfect to display artworks in there, too. Most art can work in your bathroom as long as you can keep steam buildup to a minimum. Therefore, you must make it a habit of using your exhaust fan and keeping the windows open whenever possible, so your artwork can breathe. In general, you can use photographs, prints, and other works that are beautifully framed, with a sealed back. These fare really well as bathroom wall hangings, unlikely to mildew or warp. Ceramic and glass plates or sculpture pieces also make a durable bathroom art option.

Bathroom artworks sculptures
Image: Etsy
Bathroom artworks sculptures -1
Image: Etsy
Bathroom artworks sculptures -3
Image: Etsy
Bathroom artworks sculptures -5
Image: Etsy

17. Fake a Window

When you live in a small, urban space, you can always bring the outdoors to your space through a painting acting as a fake window. For example, you can use a painting as a window to the forest, desert, or beach – anything with an expansive image of nature will open up the room. You can get some big photographs to give an outlook of a window to nature. Instead, bring paradise to your home through such natural artworks.

How to fake a window
Image: proskypanels
How to fake a window-1
Image: proskypanels

18. Use Art in Architectural Detail

Besides the traditional, eye-level wall decoration, artworks can double up for architectural details. Such pieces work charms in a home that is lacking in trim, molding, or other interesting architectural details. Think of a place where you wish were a frieze or molding, and use an artwork (painting or a sculpture) at these heights. This is the simplest way to make an artwork in the place of architectural detail.

Centerpiece painting for interior home decor -1
Centerpiece Sculpture for interior home decor -1
Centerpiece Sculpture for interior home decor -2

19. Utilize the Oft-Forgotten Spaces

Art is not merely for carefully exhibiting around your dining or living room. There are plenty of often-forgotten spaces in your home where art can have an unexpectedly big outcome. Look at stairs, they are regularly used, yet often neglected space. A staircase is always a brilliant opportunity for hanging artworks and pictures. Other such ignored places are the pantry, bathroom, mudroom, and laundry room – where you might want to consider displaying some artworks to uplift the ambiance.

Utilize the Often-Forgotten Spaces

20. Can’t Find What you Want, DIY!

It happens quite often that you want a specific art piece for your house but couldn’t find it. When you are tired of hunting in vain for months for a piece with the right color scheme, right themes to work in the space, our advice is DIY – Do It Yourself! Get out the brush, a canvas, and some colors and create your heart’s desire.

Artistic Home Decor tips an tricks
Artistic Home Decor tips an tricks -1
Artistic Home Decor tips an tricks -3

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