30+ Best and Easy Halloween Cupcakes Ideas Recipes and Decorating Ideas

30+ Best and Easy Halloween Cupcakes Ideas | Recipes and Decorating Ideas

Halloween parties are incomplete without fun and scary Halloween treats. Every year it takes a lot of planning, research, and arrangements to make a Halloween party a real success not only with Halloween home decorations and tricks you plan but also with treats that not only taste great but look fantastically eerie to scare the guests who join you for the festivity. So if you are confused, and don’t know what all should you include in your food court to throw a frightful lip-smacking fun Halloween party, get inspired with these 30 best and easy Halloween cupcakes. These cute and spooky cupcakes will surely make your Halloween so much sweeter and spooker. Give them a try, to make your Halloween party a big hit.

1. Sea Monster Cupcake

The spooktacular sea monster cupcake by Martha Stewart will give chills to your guest on the dining table.  The green monster’s dropping tentacles and creep gaze will scare little ones at home, but after tasting it they’ll become friends with it, and they will love to try one after another in a fun playful way. The one cupcake shown in the picture below is we found on Pinterest, but it’s a recipe of Martha you would like to try this Halloween.

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Image: Pinterest

2. Spooky Stuffed Halloween Cupcakes

What more fun than tasting a cupcake filled with scary surprises. The stuffed Halloween cupcake by a side of sweet will become the favorite dessert of kids and adults alike at the party. Biting one reveals little colorful bones and eyeballs, which seems fun. The cupcakes will surely fill you with thrill and happiness. And if you are sugar conscious, good news; they are not even over sweet.

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Image: a side of sweet

3. Skeleton Cupcakes

If you are a fan of Jack Skellington, you absolutely have to make this skeleton cupcakes by Your cup of cake. The ghastly cupcake is topped with chocolate sprinkles, edible almond-flavored skeleton (cast using straws), and marshmallows. In case you are making it, remember! the smiling Jack is watching you eating him.

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Image: Your cup of cake

4. Claw Blood Cupcakes

This horror claw blood cupcake will give your guests anxiety, and they’ll think twice tasting the blood in it. It is a recipe of Now That’s Peachy, and is very simple make. The recipe comes for a rescue if you have not so much time left to prepare Halloween treats. It’s super tasty and adds a scary feel to your Halloween party.

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Image: Now That’s Peachy

5. Eyeball & Blood Horror Cupcakes

The Eyeball & Blood Horror Cupcakes by Now That’s Peachy got so many likes of people, and is still one of our favorite cupcakes in 2020. It’s actually easy to make, you just need to make grisly blood icing to make it look gruesome. To make the eye, the baker used white, green, and black cream, and sprinkled the fake blood in a way to scare the shit out of anyone. Must try it to give chills to your guests.

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Image: Now That’s Peachy

6. Halloween Witch Cupcakes

How about serving witches’ heads as a dessert to your guests. It’s a fun idea to keep the Halloween spirit up and make your party a real fun. The witch cupcakes by Preppy Kitchen adds a different kind of Halloween charm that interests everyone, especially small kids.

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Image: Preppy Kitchen

7. Bloody Halloween Cupcakes

Your guests will have a hard time believing their sight, by looking at these killer bloody Halloween cupcakes, and they’ll surely have a tough time want to have a bite of them. But, after having a bite, they would love to have one after another, as they taste so good. The ghastly cupcakes are from the kitchen of Third Spot on Right.

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Image: Third Spot on Right

8. Wicked Witch Cupcakes

These dead-wicked witch cupcakes are just as tasty and way cuter. All you need to create these is decorating skills. Just follow the easy step-by-step tutorial, and they are ready to add spooky fun to your Halloween dinner. These are again from the kitchen of Your Cup of Cake. Must give them a try.

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Image: Your Cup of Cake

9. Spooky Eyeball Cupcake

The eyeball cupcake by Squirrels of a Feather is ridiculously gory, and perfect to creep up your guests. Your guests definitely would not want to try this creepy real-eye like cupcakes at first, but after tasting it, they’ll surely ask for the recipe of it.

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Image: Squirrels of a Feather

10. Spooky Graveyard Cupcakes

If you are looking for a perfect creepy cum delicious chocolate-flavored dessert to serve to your guests, must give a try to these graveyard cupcakes by Happiness is Homemade. These delicious cupcakes are sure to be a big hit at your frightening party of the year. They are cute topped with chocolate frosting, little milky bones, and skeleton hands trying to break free from their graves.

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Image: Happiness is Homemade

11. Slimy Monster Cupcake

This crazy slimy monster with a spooky gaze will attract a lot of curious eaters at the spooky party night. The green slime icing on it making it look more creepy and uncanny to eat, but people who love trying odd-looking foods will surely love it. The gory monster cupcakes by Make Bake Celebrate are perfect to serve to trick-or-treaters who visit your home during the scary festive season.

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12. Swirly Halloween Cupcakes

These rainbow swirly cupcakes look creepy with faux spiders as icing, but the colors on it making them look tempting. They are perfect to serve to children who knock at your door to ask for Halloween treats, just tell them to remove and keep the faux spider for later to play after they finish the cupcake. It’s an amazing Halloween cupcake recipe by Make Bake Celebrate.

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30+ Best and Easy Halloween Cupcakes Ideas Recipes and Decorating Ideas
Image: Make Bake Celebrate

13. Creepy Cupcakes

These creepy cupcakes with hands breaking the ground to scare you; are perfect to add a fun and ghastly vibe to your Halloween party. The cupcakes by Lil Luna with chocolate buttercream frosting, oreo, and edible grass sprinkle look spine-chilling, but in reality, are so tempting and will fill your Halloween with sweetness and happiness.

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Image: lilluna

14. Monster Strawberry Cupcakes

These strawberries are captured by evil souls, and they are ready to eat you up with scary teeth before you eat them. Anyone can make these wicked strawberry cupcakes, and you don’t have to be very good with your decorating and baking skills for making a set of these. These are easy, simple and a perfect dessert recipe by  Yummy Crumble to add spook to your holiday.

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Image: Yummy Crumble

15. Cat Cupcakes

These cute cat cupcakes with grumpy green eyes will surely make a huge impression at your coming Halloween party. You can easily make a set of these, using ingredients available on any grocery shop. They are cute cupcakes by Your Cup of Cake will be a big hit among small children.

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Image: Your Cup of Cake

16. Halloween Oreo Spider Cupcakes

Make these cutest and easy oreo spider cupcakes for little kids at your home. These are again from the kitchen of Your Cup of Cake, and they get ready in a jiffy just with a few ingredients and oreo biscuits that you can easily buy from any grocery shop. The spiders on the cupcakes are delightfully cute, will add fun to your children’s lunch box.

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Image: Your Cup of Cake

17.  Jack Skellington Cupcakes

These easy Jack Skellington Cupcakes make the perfect Halloween party dessert for Nightmare Before the Christmas Fans. You can create a batch of these with the help of your kids, they’ll surely have a fun time making them. The cupcakes by Paint Me Pink will certainly bring a happy kind of Halloween vibes to your dinner table.

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Image: Paint Me Pink

18. Bat Cupcakes

These black bat cupcakes by Big Bear’s Wife are the cutest Halloween cupcakes in the list and are a fun project to make with kids.  The bats with cute surprising gaze and open wings are too cute to handle and waiting for you to have a bite of them.  Must give it a try if you are in hurry to serve something cute and related to Halloween to your guest.

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Image: Big Bear’s Wife

19. Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

These Halloween-approved pumpkin cupcakes with little stems and cute green leaves are perfect to have during the entire fall season, or any time of the year. The adorable cupcakes from Your Cup of Cake make a perfect dessert for Halloween party. Your kids will surely love them.

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Image: Your Cup of Cake

20. Red Spider Cupcakes

Dare your arachnophobic guests to have a bite of these spider cupcakes. The cupcakes with red and black-widow spiders as icing will give them chills. Fortunately, the cupcakes are not too scary, they can overcome their fear by biting them. The cupcakes are the delicious creation of the Cup Cake Project.

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Image: Cup Cake Project

21. Black Chocolate Cupcakes

These chocolate cupcakes with an uncanny eye as the topping will freak out your guest even more when they will have a bite of it.  The frightening cupcakes by The Baking Fairy are filled with spooky surprise and a taste that your guests will love. Perfect to serve on total freaky Halloween parties with spooky bloody punch and cocktails.

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Image: The Baking Fairy

22. Cauldron Cupcakes

Serve these poisonous cauldron cupcakes to the witch ladies, goblins, and ghosts in your Halloween party. The cupcakes by a Pumpkin & a Princess will satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth and their evil soul for the night.  Your guest will later definitely ask for the recipe after tasting them.

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Image: a Pumpkin & a Princess

23. Halloween Swirled Cupcakes

Need a cute, easy, and tempting treat to serve to your guests? These Halloween swirled cupcakes with gorgeous glittery chocolate-flavored spiderweb are perfect to serve after dinner in the ghastly celebration of the year. The color combination of green, orange, and purple frosting making it look witchy and tempting. Your guests would love to try these beautiful colorful treats originally prepared by Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt.

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Image: Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt

24. Spider Web Cupcakes

Make your cupcakes, simple, eerie, and delicious with this Spider web cupcake recipe of Pizzazzerie. Prepare a batch of these to scare the arachnophobic at the party. The cupcake with vanilla and milk frosting, white cotton candy as a spider web, and fake edible spider is sure to give your guests a spine-chilling treat.

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Image: Pizzazzerie

25. Vampire Bite Cupcakes

How about eating the cupcakes, which a vampire tasted before you? Give a try to these vampire bite cupcakes by Dream a Little Bigger. All the vampires, ghosts, witches, and goblins in your Halloween party would love to try these. And you don’t need so many ingredients to make these, as they are easy to prepare using the items you can easily find in any grocery store.

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Image: Dream a Little Bigger

26. Dirt Cupcakes

The dirt cupcakes by Like Mother Like Daughter are made to look like dirt, complete with eerie worms and spiders. The cupcakes are delightful treats for chocolate lovers, but they will also feel uncanny before having the first bite of them, as they look real grubby dirt.

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Image: Like Mother Like Daughter

27. Butterfinger Skull Cupcakes

Would you like to have a grisly chocolate skull cupcake for a fun dessert? Have a look at these adorably freighting cum tempting Butterfinger skull cupcakes by Sprinkle Some Fun. Perfect to sever to kids and adults alike. Give them a try to make your Halloween party a real fun.

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Image: Sprinkle Some Fun

28. Furry Monster Cupcake

These funny furry cute monster cupcakes by The Novice Chef are adorably sweet for an easy not too spooky Halloween celebration. They are perfect to give away to little kids who can’t eat gruesome Halloween treats. Your kids would love to have them in a fun playful way with their friends.

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Image: The Novice Chef

29. Spooky Eye Cupcake

This uncanny creepy eye cupcake by Barefoot Kitchen Witch is perfect to give the trick-or-treaters at your party a bloodcurdling experience. Make a batch of it to serve the timid-hearted people in the spooky celebration night, they will surely collect courage before having a bite of it.

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Image: Barefoot Kitchen Witch

30. Caramel Filled Skull Cupcake

These caramel-filled skull cupcakes are amazing to serve high profile ghosts and vampires in your party. These golden treats by Sugar Hero are deliciously moist, with big swirls of vanilla buttercream and a tasty melty caramel at the center. The best thing? they are topped with gold caramel skulls.

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Image: Sugar Hero

31. Purple People Eater Cupcake

This googly three-eyed people eater monster with a wagging tongue and scary teeth is a fun treat for little kids in the Halloween party. Thankfully, the cupcake is super easy to prepare using marshmallows, vanilla-flavored frosting, chocolate chips, and fruit chew as a tongue. Give it a try.

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Image: Taste of Home

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