21 Best Bookshelf Ideas For Your Inner Bookworm

21 Best Bookshelf Ideas For Your Inner Bookworm

Being a bibliophile you would want to have your precious collection of books by your side all the time, and for that, you need your very own personal library where you can showcase your books in style to leave an impression about your living style and love for books. There are so many creative bookshelf ideas around the web that won’t only provide you a brilliant space to showcase your enormous collection of books, but also will add a beauty aspect to your interior, that your guest will definitely observe and admire. We have hand-picked 20+ best bookshelf ideas that probably will fit in all sizes of spaces. These designs can be configured in a variety of ways to create personalized libraries for every bookworm.

1. Conceal bookshelf/Umbra/2008

The Conceal bookshelf looks invisible but it’s not. It is a small-sized floating shelf that can be installed in groups on a wall to create a mysterious appeal. This bookshelf design will be a fun element with a great piece of décor to showcase your favorite books in style.

21 Best Bookshelf Ideas For Your Inner Bookworm
Image: Mironlior

2. DIY Booktree Bookshelf by Yasuva Razon

You can even bring the nature inside with this unique DIY Booktree Bookshelf by Yasuva Razon. It can be installed in any corner of the house, and placing a comfy chair with a small coffee table beside it would be a great idea. Get inspired by its warm and earthy design.

21 Best Bookshelf Ideas For Your Inner Bookworm-2
Image: Instagram/topdezigners

3. DIY Bookshelf Wall

This DIY cubic flower bookshelf by Jessica Breen got so much appreciation from around the globe of many bibliophiles. The bookshelf proves that there is no need to always have standard vertical bookcases. You can bring fun and interest to your interiors by installing this bookshelf wall.

21 Best Bookshelf Ideas For Your Inner Bookworm-3
Image: Mymodernmet

4. Round Bookshelf

This one is round, and luckily not like those standard boring vertical bookshelves. This we found on Pinterest and thought it can be a great inspiration for people with minimum space but a lot of books. The bookshelf provides a lot of space to display books, and its design is even gel with modern spaces.

Round Bookshelf ideas
Image: Ohmeohmyblog

5. Superman-themed Bookshelf

21 Best Bookshelf Ideas For Your Inner Bookworm-5
Image: Behance

This one is ideally made for superman fans. The Bookshelf even can be a great addition to your son’s room. It is designed by Burak Doğan, and comes in two design styles. Both designs get a superman logo, and inside the logos, you can create your very personal heroic library.

6. Wonder Woman Bookshelf

This wonder woman-inspired bookshelf is again by Burak Doğan, and it too comes in two designs. This probably is the best pick for any girl who loves reading about fictional characters and is a big fan of wonder woman. The bookshelf will be an interesting décor item in your living room.

Wonder Woman Bookshelf
Image: Behance

7. London Map Bookshelf

If you live somewhere in London, the London Map Bookshelf will really inspire you to have the same. You need an entire wall to install it, and it’ll certainly save your enormous collection of books for you. It looks classic yet modern at the same time. You can also build it for you in the shape of your city or country map.

21 Best Bookshelf Ideas For Your Inner Bookworm-7
Image: Pinterest

8. Industrial Style Bookshelf Idea

This is a DIY project by Home Sweet Hess and is a perfect choice to install in a kid’s bedroom. It is an industrial-style shelf designed to complement modern cum traditional spaces. It’ll look awesome in farmhouses or houses with a rustic appearance.

21 Best Bookshelf Ideas For Your Inner Bookworm-8
Image: Home Sweet Hess

9. Free Standing Bookshelf

Want to install a unique freestanding bookshelf in a corner of your room? This bookshelf by Simplified Building is a perfect choice. This you can DIY using the industrial pipe fittings and four same-sized wooden boards. Here is the complete tutorial.

Best Free Standing Bookshelf Ideas
Image: Simplified building

10. Vintage Car Bookshelf

This is specially built to inspire car enthusiasts by Denieuwegeneratie of the Dutch design studio. He converted a vintage Jaguar into a tall bookshelf for the interior by removing its engine, tires, and cutting out a large rectangular window in the roof. He placed the car upright to create an interestingly smart compartment and shelving space for displaying books.

Best Bookshelf Ideas For Your Inner Bookworm
Image: Jaap Vliegenthart

11. DNA Double-Helix Bookcase

DNA Double- Helix Bookcase will definitely inspire a science person. This unconventional bookcase in Double-Helix form gets inspiration from a DNA’s structure. It provides a lot of space to display books on spiraling shelves. You can set this one of a kind freestanding bookshelf in any corner or middle of your house to become a centerpiece.

Best Bookshelf Designs Online
Image: Milano Furniture

12. Equilibrium Bookcase by Malagana Design

The Equilibrium Bookcase is perfectly balanced by Malagana Design. The designer flawlessly stacked up wooden modules upon each other at a single angled edge, and that’s what creates a factor of amusement about the design in people. The structure can hold over 120lbs of weight, and it is totally surprising.

bookshelves for living room
Image: Contemporist

13. Ingenious Nesting Bookshelf

The Ingenious Nesting Bookshelf Japanese design firm Nendo is quite magical. At first glance, it looks like a usual medium-sized, three-tier shelving unit, but it quickly expands its area to offer additional space when you pull it out from both of its sides.  You can set the bookshelf in the size you need according to your available space or quantity of books you own.

Ingenious Nesting Bookshelf
Image: Mymodernmet

14. Shape-Changing Wave Bookshelf

Studio Lorier’s shape-changing Wave Bookshelf was a big hit at Milan Design Week 2018. The bookshelf is consist of thin but solid pine wood slats that can shift left and right to create a personalized shape every time. You just have to lock the shape you like using a single screw given at the top of the bookshelf.

Shape-Changing Wave Bookshelf
Image: Studio Lorier

15. Modular Bookshelf by Ayça Sevinç

This modular bookshelf by Ayça Sevinç is called BE Modular Bookshelf. The shelving unit is crafted using two modules consist of six triangles that can be joined together to create unique shapes to match with different needs of the users. The contemporary bookshelf is an aesthetic deal to spruce up your walls and keeping books in style.

Modular Bookshelf by Ayça Sevinç
Image: Ayca Sevinc

16. Köllen Bookshelf

Inspired by Nordic style, the Köllen bookshelf accommodates almost any object or book of any size. The multipurpose shelving unit’s shape can be adjusted according to the object placed on it or the user’s need. It is made from natural birch plywood slat, which is partly broken in multiple pieces, and you can lift up or keep straight those pieces according to you to create your very own design.

Best Bookshelf Ideas For Your Inner Bookworm
Image: Kickstarter

17. Rubika B601 bookshelf

If you have mastered in solving Rubik’s cube, then the Rubika Bookshelf is something you would really want to have. It is designed by Greece-based designer George Bosnas in two versions, one is a 2×2 stack version (wall-mounted) and the other is in a 3×3 stack version (freestanding).  It’s up to you which one you want considering the size of the space you have.

Rubika B601 bookshelf
Image: Anesis

18. Pac-Man Bookshelf

Handcrafted by Germany-based Trebelf, this wall-mounted bookshelf is inspired by the 80s’ most popular arcade game Pac-Man.  This comes in a very nice bright yellow color to spruce up your space with a modern-style setting. The bookshelf provides a stylish way to display books, classic gaming consoles, modern electronics and nice planters in an open and clear space.

Best Bookshelf Ideas
Image: Technabob

19. Skyline Bookshelf from Mabele

Flaunt your book’s collection in style with Skyline Bookshelf from Mabele. The all-black wall mounted bookshelf comes with bookends installed in shelving units. The bookends look like illuminated buildings, and the whole structure with books placed in it looks like a night cityscape scene. You can even get it in a light wooden and white color.  It’s a perfect bookshelf idea to be installed in modern offices.

Best Bookshelf Ideas For Your Inner Bookworm
Image: Mabele

20. DIY Tree Branch Bookshelf

Give proper space to your encyclopedias. This DIY tree bookshelf in the walnut brown shade is exactly what you need to create in your study room’s wall. The bookcase will go well with both classic and contemporary spaces. It’ll not only lift up the aesthetics but also will increase the value of your interior.

DIY Tree Branch Bookshelf
Image: Mironlior

21. Typographic Bookshelf

You can even store books inside books. Sounds weird? No, but that’s true with Typographic Bookshelf by Designer Matt Innes in collaboration with Saori Kajiwara. The bookshelf doesn’t provide a lot of space to store books, but it’s a must-have for any book lover’s home. It can be a great piece of décor to tell people about your madness about reading books.

Unique Bookshelf Designs
Image: Fubiz

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