20 Best Chopping Boards for Making Cutting Veggies Fun for Masterchefs

In the kitchen, a good chopping board is your best friend – as you need it for cutting, slicing, dicing, and carving ingredients. So, it must be large enough to offer you enough space for chopping or carving, and relatively easy to maintain.

But with a wide range of chopping boards available in the market, it can be overwhelming for you to decide which one to select for your kitchen. While some home cooks prefer a solid wood cutting board, other like a good-looking one in a unique design to double as a serving platter.

No matter which particular chopping board you pick, always remember the tasks you will be utilizing it for, whether it’s non-slip, where you’ll keep it, and whether you want storage at the bottom and handle on the top.  Keeping in mind all these factors along with aesthetics, we present you with the 20 best chopping boards for making cutting vegetables and meat a fun task.

1. Chopping Board With Storage

This chopping board comes with a storage box and boasts a plain and beautiful design. It fulfills all of the criteria for successful product design, addressing different chopping problems. You slice your vegetables or any other food that requires chopping, then either keep the diced bits in the container and put it directly to the contents into a cooking pan, or use this board for storing and peeling all leftovers and containers in a box, which goes into the garbage bin.   

Its chopping board and container are two separate units that can be combined easily, forming one amazing kitchen product. It also features anti-slip pads on its base to keep it in place.  After use, you can pull apart the interlocked pieces and store/use them separately.

20 Best Chopping Boards for Making Cutting Veggies Fun for Masterchefs
Image: Yanko Design

2. TidyBoard

TidyBoard is another amazing cutting board that’s created to make your life easier. Created to promote healthy eating, this board is designed with strategically positioned catches, strainers, and containers on its edge. It further streamlines the entire chopping task, keeping your food and waste separate without using hands. With one swipe of your hand, you can clear everything until you’ve finished slicing and cutting.

TidyBoard is made of bamboo, which is antibacterial and sturdy enough to last a long time. This material also makes it eco-friendly and lightweight. The product is thoughtfully designed to maximize your counter space, and the foldable containers make preparation and storage a breeze. It can be left hanging off the edge of your sink, allowing you to use a little of your worktop space for prep and eliminating the risk of losing valuable produce or fresh pasta in the sink! 

20 Best Chopping Boards for Making Cutting Veggies Fun
Image: Yanko Design

3. Guitar-Shaped Cutting Board

Imagine playing some guitar solos when cutting your greens, because Etsy seller CuttingBoredom has built some pretty cool-looking wooden cutting board influenced by two of rock music’s most popular guitars, the Gibson Les Paul, and Fender Stratocaster. These guitar-shaped cutting boards are available in Mahogany, Cherry, and Walnut, and feature wooden wood inlay that helps them appear just like the real thing. It’s ideal for fans of rock music and healthy cooking.

The ability to play the air guitar is not included, of course. But this particular piece is likely to make your cooking experience so different and musical for sure. If only there were any piano-themed cutting boards, you could have the entire musical instrument-themed products in your kitchen, isn’t it?

4. Curling Pan Chopping Board

The Curling Pan is a fantastic invention! When cold, the curling pan becomes a flat chopping board for cutting veggies or meat; but, upon absorbing heat from the burner, the edges curl up and the pan transforms into a frying pan. This board is made out of the shape-memory alloy Nitinol, which can remember its changed shape at a specific temperature.

Together with its shape-shifting ability, the Curling Pan’s color can also change from white to yellow to red as the temperature rises. With its color change, you can figure out its function and the temperature at which this unit is working. 

20 best chopping boards to buy
Image: Yanko Design

5. woodNflex Hardwood Cutting Board

The conventional wooden chopping boards lack one important feature: flexibility. They’re difficult to cram into the sink. It is also These are also awkward to wash, as wood cutting boards are not friendly to water conditions. Plus, they take up extra space on the counter and in the storage area. 

To overcome all these problems, woodNflex is here. This new cutting board is made from hardwood that’s flexible with a stunning, versatile, and durable cutting surface. This surface is the result of a combination of real hardwood veneers in oak, walnut, and maple with a food-grade silicone lining. woodNflex is also the world’s first versatile hardwood cutting board that makes it simple to pour and carry chopped pieces.

woodNflex Flexible Hardwood Cutting Board
Buy: Amazon

6. 3-in-1 Over-The-Sink Cutting Board

This one-of-a-kind cutting board has a clever 3-in-1 design that allows you to wash and clean the food in a colander, cut veggies on the board, and waste them into a bin before transferring chopped food to a pot on the stove. The best part? The device is designed to fit over your sink.

The 3-in-1 over-the-sink chopping board is made up of two pieces: one is the cutting board, and the other is a divided storage bin with a colander for washing and storage after you’ve done chopping. The storage bins can slide into the chopping board with an easy back and forth mechanism. For using it, you need to place it on the sink, slide its colander out, clean the food, put items on the cutting board for chopping, and then put them into the storage containers when done.

7. United States Cutting Board

Although designed in the shape of the United States’ map, this cutting board can be used anywhere in the world.  Whether you want to chop broccoli, kale, or beacon, everything becomes easier with this easy-to-use chopping board.  Since the United States is a country where you can chop and cut anything you want – from veggies to steak. This product is great for dicing and preparing any type of food you like. 

This colorful and nationalist cutting board is constructed from 100% organic bamboo. Each unit is made organically, which means that its wood is made without using pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, or other artificial irrigation products. Furthermore, the cleaning of this cutting board is a breeze. All you need to do is hand wash it with a mild detergent and treat it occasionally with mineral oil for protecting its surface while prolonging its life.

8. Motherboard Cutting Board

Enable your guests to see how geeky you are when chopping carrots, celery, and onions with this Motherboard Chopping Board. It has a super-realistic and high-definition image on its top surface that makes it appear like a realistic motherboard with chips, processors, capacitors, modulators, and other components. This particular chopping board also boasts a scratch-resistant glass top. Plus, there are rubber feet grips on its bottom to keep it from slipping around when in use. Due to its unique and geeky design, we’re sure you would not like to store it away from sight. You’d definitely want to put it on display on your countertop area or somewhere near the sink.

20 Best Chopping Boards for Making Cutting Veggies Fun for Masterchefs -2
Image: Odditymall

9. Joseph Colored Rings Cutting Board

Richard and Antony Joseph, twin brothers, created this one-of-a-kind kitchen accessory in the shape of a colorful ring-shaped design. This round-shaped cutting board and worktop saver are made from toughened glass with a colorful ring motif. Its solid surface is strong and durable for food preparation and it’s also stain and odor resistant. It can bear the heat for up to 500 degrees F and can even be used as a trivet. Measuring 11.81 x 11.81 x 0.28-inch in diameter, this chopping board is spacious enough to chop as many veggies and meat as you want. It is also dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage.

Best Chopping Boards for Making Cutting Veggies Fun
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10. John Boos Oval-Shaped Chopping Board

John Boos’ oval-shaped chopping board has been engineered for meeting the high demands of commercial kitchens while still exceeding the most stringent food safety and product quality requirements. Each chopping board and block is created from sustainably harvested North American hardwoods. It also features a commercial-grade slicing surface, which safeguards fine cutlery’s sharp edge. This means it a great piece for commercial kitchens in hotels, cafes, restaurants, etc.

Since John Boos and Co. is renowned in the world for its experience in creating the best quality American hardwoods items that are aesthetic, practical, and durable, you can certainly trust the quality of this chopping board as well.

20 Best Chopping Boards to buy online
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11. Joseph Chopping Board With Drawer

Measuring 11-3/4-inch x 8-1/2-inch x 1-1/2-inch in size, Joseph chopping board is another good option. This durable plastic chopping surface is combined with a convenient, integrated drawer that can be taken out and used for collecting minced vegetables or unnecessary food scraps. When cooking food, slide down the drawer out and dump the chopped pieces straight into the drawer.

The ingredients can be directly added into a pot or bin after the draw is fully removed. It also comes with non-slip feet and finger grooves molded on either side for fast lifting, making it very easy to clean food preparation. Furthermore, the drawer serves as a handy storage location for a small knife.

Best Chopping Boards Design for you Kitchen
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12. Curtis Stone Workbench Bamboo Cutting Board

Curtis Stone Workbench bamboo cutting board comes with four square and two rectangle lock containers that are made of Tritan plastic (BPA-free). The cutting board itself is made out of eco-sustainable bamboo that won’t harm the edge of the knife. After chopping the ingredients, you can easily transfer them into the containers and use them later while cooking. Even food scraps are easy to dispose of with a separate waste disposal drawer. Dicing and mincing different ingredients become an easy task with this chopping board that’s designed for convenient use.

20 Best Chopping Boards for Making Cutting Veggies Fun for Masterchefs-6
Image: Amazon

13. Breaking Bad Cutting Board

If you are a fan of the Breaking Bad series, you are going to love this cutting board. This Breaking Bad cutting board is handmade using natural hardwood (beech, cherry, or oak). It can also be selected in light brown, dark brown, or brown with yellowish-white tones. Plus, the engraving gives a beautiful contrast to this sturdy and durable cutting board. The burning process during engraving darkens the wood for easy readability.

Since the cutting board is made from hardwood, it boasts smooth, deep, and contrasting engraving. Plus, the durability of the material makes it a long-lasting product. It seems to be a great gift for home cooks for housewarming, birthdays, weddings, or any other occasion.

Breaking Bad Cutting Board
Image: Amazon

14. Raised Cutting Board with Cutout

This cutting board is made from solid ash that’s around 1 1/4” thick. It is made from flat slabs that are glued up in a similar fashion. Around 1-inch strips are glued on either side as a riser. You can put a plate under the curved riser for easily collecting the ingredients while chopping. The sturdy and smooth surface on the top makes the task easier a lot more convenient than you may think after seeing this simple-looking cutting board.

Raised Cutting Board with Cutout
Buy: Etsy

15. Dexas Over-the-Sink Strainer Grippboard

This two-in-one product is a chopping board and a colander/strainer in one. It features non-slip handles on the edge to keep it in place securely during use – both on the countertop and over the sink. Plus, the removable collapsible silicone strainer basket is easier to rinse vegetables and fruits, or strain pasta and other ingredients directly on the sink. 

The strainer can expand up to 2.5 quarts capacity and easily collapses flat for storage. You can even collapse or remove the strainer basket for directly using it as a typical cutting board on the worktop. The chopping board is made from non-porous, durable, and odor-resistant poly that will not dull your knives while chopping.  It is also very easy to clean, as it’s dishwasher safe.

Dexas Over-the-Sink Strainer Grippboard
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16. Fish-Shaped Cutting Board

Beautifully handmade from a combination of Mango and Indian Rosewood (Sheesham Wood), this cutting board comes in the shape of a fish.  With its fishtail handle for convenience, it makes for a unique decorative kitchen essential. It can be used to chop and cut vegetables, spices, and fruits with ease.  Also suitable for serving loaves of bread, cheese, and fruits.

Handcrafted by artisans in Saharanpur, India’s most important center for wood carving, this cutting board is a great epitome of aesthetics and practicality.  By buying this item, you will also be assisting in the preservation of ethnic artisans’ 1,000-year heritage of handmade artistry in India, as 10% of the profit is donated to train more artisans in new techniques of workmanship.

Fish-Shaped Cutting Board
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17. Black Marble Cutting Board

Want something unique and spectacular for chopping veggies? You need to get your hands on this stunning black marble cutting board that comes in three different shapes – Circle Board Dimensions: 24×32 cm, SemiCircle Board Dimensions: 25×29 cm, and Rectangle Board Dimensions: 17×35 cm.

It is made from 100% genuine marble with a glossy finish. Besides being used for regular chopping and dicing, you can also use it as a serving plate for cheese, fruits, etc. It would be a great aesthetic decor and functional item for the kitchen.

Best Chopping Boards - Black Marble Cutting Board
Buy: Etsy

18. Oak Wooden Ocean Resin Art Chopping Board

This gorgeous oak wood and resin chopping board mimics the waves of a beautiful ocean. Its incredible 3D wave impact is created by adding different layers of epoxy resin. The board is made from oak tree wood and high-quality epoxy that’s food safe.

This custom-made chopping and serving board can be laser engraved for gifting at a wedding, birthday, housewarming, anniversary, Christmas, and more occasions. You can write the names or text (you want to get engraved) to the seller. The information will be etched on this stunning chopping board before shipping.

Best Chopping Boards -Ocean Resin Art Chopping Board
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19. Proteak 18-Inch Round Teak Chopping Board

This round chopping board is made of dozens of 2-inch teak blocks, each standing on one end. Both the top and the bottom surfaces are fibrous and used as a solid cutting surface that’s tough yet forgiving. The good thing about the fibrous wood is that it moves out away from the knife blade while chopping. This means that your knives won’t become blunt rapidly. Besides its function, the elegant checkerboard look of the boards gives it an aesthetic appeal. Besides slicing vegetables, fruits, and meat, this item can also be used for kneading. This makes it a great canvas for mastering your culinary artistry in your cooking space.

20 Best Chopping Boards for Making Cutting Veggies Fun for Masterchefs-10
Buy: butcherblockco

20. Round Wooden Ocean Chopping Board

This is another stunning ocean-inspired wood and resin chopping board. It is custom-made with premium quality oak and ash wood and multiple layers of epoxy resin. Even this resin chopping board can be personalized and laser engraved with any text of your choice. This means that this functional board also solves the problem of gifting something special to your mom, girlfriend, wife, daughter, uncle, or any other cook in your life. You can consider gifting it to your loved one for a wedding, birthday, housewarming, anniversary, or any other occasion.

20 Best Chopping Boards for Making Cutting Veggies Fun for Masterchefs-11
Image: Etsy

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