30 Best Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas You Should Try This Year

30 Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas You Should Try This Year

Christmas decoration starts before the Christmas month, which marks the advent of the merry season and continues till New Year. Christmas party decorations require a lot of planning, preparation, and creativity to beautify your home and add a festive ambiance that can fill your home with joy, and celebratory Christmas vibes. We try to deck up every inch of your house, including our fireplace mantels. And decorating fireplace mantels for Christmas has become an integral part of our tradition. They necessarily need to be dressed up in style to provide you that festive feel which you and your family won’t want to miss.

It’s tough to decorate the same fireplace mantel in different styles every year. One obviously falls short of ideas. But don’t worry, we are here to ensure that you never fall short of ideas. Try these 30 stunning Christmas fireplace mantel decoration ideas, and make your space look beautiful never like before this year.

What a nice use of buffalo check trees on floor and mantel shelf! It’s a pretty amazing way to give new life to those old unusable checked cushion covers or table cloths. The rustic bucket on floor with winter greens and birch logs inside is stealing the show.

Christmas is not Christmas without some green. Take a look at this minimal mantel decoration. The decorator smartly used fewer colors to make the mantel look festive ready. The wooden reindeer on the floor is a center of attraction.

Putting a nice round mirror above the fireplace is a lovely idea. With the idea, you can do your decoration uniquely without a wreath. Just put some garland around the mirror and mantel, and you are done. Make sure you also have put some candles and other Christmas decorations in place.

With a typical vintage marble fireplace mantel, the best you can do is to add some extra green. Have a look at two grey marble pots at the top of the countertop with a wintery green Christmas tree in each.

Give rustic warmth to your space using old wooden frames and photo frames. Keep it all white with a little bit of green and red. Add flowers to make it look inviting and Christmas ready.

Vintage Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas
Image: From My Front Porch to Yours

What an amazing use of starry led lights, old books, and candles around the fireplace. Loved the garland decorated using leafy greens and pinecones.

30 Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas You Should Try This Year-2
Image: Rustic White Photography

Set it simple and cozy by hanging up some colorful Christmas stockings. A comfortable checked couch with a little cushion over it is just all you need to feel the Christmas vibes.

30 Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas You Should Try This Year-3
Image: Adam Hester/Getty Images

Rather than leaving the wall bare, hang a life-sized Santa face to keep a check to your all Christmas decoration. Make sure everything you put in your space is Santa’s favorite.

No need to add expensive Christmas ornaments to make your fireplace mantel look festive ready. Just some greens, pinecones, and seasonal fruits in a garland are enough to give you that festive pump.

30 Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas You Should Try This Year-6
Image: Tobi Fairley

This Christmas mantel with the perfect balance of red and greens captures the true essence of holidays. It’s a perfect spot to make good Christmas memories with the entire family.

Decorate walls over the fireplace mantel with garland and ribbons, and bring in that required Christmas warmth and nostalgic feeling inside your home.

30 Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas You Should Try This Year-10

Set up an old glass wooden-framed window above the mantel as shown in the picture below. It will evoke the sense of wintery holidays inside your home.

30 Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas You Should Try This Year-11
Image: In My Own Style

Style your above fireplace area by putting a big focus wreath on the wall with a wooden frame behind. Decorate the fireplace a little arboraceous with pleasant wooden decoration. Add much green to make the decoration.

30 Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas You Should Try This Year-12
Image: Place of my taste

Cozy your space up a little extra by hanging warm fur stockings in a lane on your fireplace mantel. Spice it up a little more with metallic gold and silver ornaments.

Christmas mantel decoration with glitter

Christmas is not Christmas without candies and candy canes. Put some in antique glass jars and place with other decorations on the top of your fireplace mantel. As Christmas is all about decking up with reds and greens, incorporate both the colors as much as you can.

30 Christmas Fireplace decoration ideas
Image: Pinterest

For a bright and fairy look hang a mirror-like one in the picture above your mantel. You don’t need to overdo it with ornaments and other props. Just add a few good ones on your mantel. Provide the extra lavish charm by putting a golden grill in front of your fireplace.

This simple Christmas mantel sets the old-styled Christmas vibes. Not many accessories or decorative stuff are required to achieve this look. You just need a wooden-framed mirror, then decorate with the things you already have.

30 Christmas Fireplace decoration ideas with flowers
Image: Siri Staffoed

It gets easy to decorate a space Christmas with stone walls and fireplace. You just need a cute Christmas wreath, garland and good lights and you are good to go.

farmhouse Christmas manterl decor
Image: Max Kim-Bee

Christmas is all about calling Santa home to bring you prosperity for the entire coming year. What is the better of doing that by adding a Santa’s old picture above the mantel. What a great idea! Get inspired by the Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas shown in the picture below.

30 best 2020 Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration ideas
Image: adventures in decorating

Make your Christmas merrier by adding Santa’s signature laugh ‘ho ho ho’ above your mantel. Keep the decoration colorful and bright by adding various other interesting Christmas ornaments.

30 Christmas party decoration ideas
Image: Kristenscreationsonline

Cover your fireplace mantel with red berry garland and pretty Christmas stockings. Setting up photographs of old Christmas memories on the mantel will be a killer idea to recall all the sweet old Christmas memories.

This is one of the most unique and easy to achieve Christmas fireplace mantel decor. To execute this look, you need some conifer cones, pinecones, pinecone tree branches, and some driftwood. Maximum materials in this decor are extracted from nature. Make sure you incorporate enough red, green, and white to make your mantel Christmas ready.

30 Best Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration -0
Image: Image: Craftberry Bush

So clean simple and inviting… Setting baby Christmas trees above a fireplace mantel with the message ‘let it snow’ is an amazing idea for homes located in snowy winter lands. Add enough greens and reds as well to make your Christmas feel like Christmas.

Image: In My Own Style

As old green leaves are more found around Christmas, here is a chance for you to use them for your Christmas decor. Have a look at this pale green Christmas wreath. How amazingly it sprucing up the entire space with white Christmas trees and giving the correct feel of the fall season and Christmas celebration.

Image: French Country Cottage
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Image: A Kailo Chic Life
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