10 Best Disney-themed Christmas Trees

10 Best Disney-Themed Christmas Trees That Every Disney Fan Wish to Have

Like every year, it’s again a time to plan for a Christmas tree that everyone in the house will appreciate. Why not a Disney-themed Christmas tree? We all are grown up watching Disney movies, and we still watch them as grownups. And no doubt that Disney Movies are liked by children more than us. There is hardly a child who can’t identify the Happy Mickey Mouse, the lovely Snow White, and the beautiful Rapunzel. How can we forget the funny Donald duck and the pretty Moana? These amazing characters, including Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, and many more have always brought smiles to our faces. It’s time to evoke all the good memories we had watching those wonderful movies through a Christmas tree that you can relish for many years to come, by clicking many family photos with.  For some good inspirations, let’s have a look at 10 Best Disney-Themed Christmas trees that every Disney fan would love to have this year. So let’s start.

1. Moana-Inspired Christmas Tree

Alfredo Majuri Vargas is one of those artists who every year surprises us with his distinctive Christmas tree. He is one of the biggest fans of Disney movies and every year we see him creating an extremely wonderful, one-of-a-kind Christmas tree, inspired by one of his favorite Disney movies. His fans every year wait for his creation to be launched around Christmas. He inspires a lot of people who wish to have Dinsey-inspired Christmas decorations. Why he loves Disney movies more than us because he worked with The Walt Disney Company as a Character Performer, Character Trainer, and a Scenic Artist. That’s also a reason that he is close to every Character he gives space on his Christmas tree. The most creations on the list are by him. And most of the decorations in his all Christmas trees are handmade, sculpted, and hand-painted. There are also some props and decorations that he bought from stores.

The first one he crafted inspired by Moana the Ocean Queen Disney movies back then in the year 2017. He started working on the tree in March 2017, and when in December he posted pictures of it on his Facebook profile, the tree went viral all over the internet. This was the first time he got the attention of so many Disney fans from around the world.

Best Disney-Themed Christmas Trees by Alfredo Majuri Vargas

2. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Christmas Tree

After the Moana Christmas tree, in 2018 Alfredo created this Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Christmas tree. As we expected, he was better than before. The tree at the front was different as it was from the backside. Both sides were telling the story of beautiful Snow White and the most classy Evil lady in the history of Disney movies.

Best Disney-inspired Christmas Trees by Alfredo Majuri Vargas
10 Best Disney-Themed Christmas Trees -1
Snow White Best Disney-Themed Christmas Trees by Alfredo Majuri Vargas
Best Disney-Themed Christmas Trees by Alfredo

3. Disney Princesses Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree is also by Alfredo. He dedicated this tree to all the beautiful Disney princesses. It was created in the year 2019 with one other tree. This time he kept the tree white and bright with amazing lighting, and wonderful all the popular Disney princesses dolls.

10 Coolest Disney-Themed Christmas Trees
10 Coolest Disney-Themed Christmas Trees -1
10 Insanely Cool Disney-Themed Christmas Trees
10 Best Insanely Cool Disney-Inspired Christmas Trees
Disney-Themed Christmas Trees

4. Maleficent Christmas Tree

The other tree the artist and the Disney fan created in 2019 was made inspired by Maleficent. The real evil Christmas tree was all covered up with Maleficent dragon from the top. If you see the tree carefully, it also says a story just like his previous Christmas trees.

Maleficent Disney-Themed Christmas Tree
Maleficent Disney-Inspired Christmas Tree
Maleficent The Evil Queen Disney-Themed Christmas Tree
Best Maleficent Disney-Themed Christmas Tree
Maleficent Disney-Themed Christmas Tree by Alfredo Majuri Vargas

5. Star Wars Christmas Tree

Star Wars characters are with us for a long time back. The real fans of the series won’t want to miss a chance to pay a tribute to its amazing Characters. If you are one of them and want to make your Christmas tree Star Wars-inspired, then these trees below in the picture are really something you would want to try making.

6. Mickey Mouse Christmas Tree

It’s tough to find a single kid who does not like Micky mouse. Even we at this age still love Micky mouse so much. If you again want to bring in those happy vibes in your home that Micky Mouse used to bring, then don’t miss a chance to decorate your tree like these in the pictures below.

Mickey Mouse Disney Christmas Tree
Mickey Mouse Disney-Inspired Christmas Tree

7. Disney Romantic Movies-Inspired Christmas Tree

If you are a fan of romance that Disney movies taught us then nothing is better than having a Christmas tree like this in the pictures down. Every prop on the tree recalls us of an iconic love story.

Disney Romantic Movies-Inspired Christmas Tree
Best Disney Romantic Movies-Inspired Christmas Tree
10 Best Disney Movies-Inspired Christmas Tree
10 Best Disney Movies-Inspired Christmas Tree-1
Best Disney Movies-Inspired Christmas Tree
Disney Movies-Inspired Christmas Tree

8. Toy Story Christmas Tree

Who hasn’t seen the first entirely computer-animated comedy movie in the history of Cinema? We loved that character when we were kids and would love to tell our kids how Toy Story made our Childhood so awesome. This Christmas, watch this amazing movie with your little kids and then decorate a tree together in the theme to celebrate your Christmas differently.

Toy Story Disney-Themed Christmas Tree
Toy Story Disney-Themed Christmas Decoration

9. Disney Characters Christmas Tree

Keep your Christmas tree cute and adorable by putting some Disney plush toys on it. You could easily buy some of your children’s favorite Disney Character’s plush from a nearby toy store, and decorate your tree like the way shown in the pictures below. This will be the Best Disney-Themed Christmas Trees ever that your small kid could have.

Toy Story Disney-Themed Christmas Decoration Ideas

10. Cinderella Christmas Tree

If your little daughter fantasizes about princess Cinderella, then you must plan for a Christmas tree with a Cinderella doll tree topper. Have a tree one like this for her and decorate it with your hand using props of her favorite Disney characters.

Disney Princess Christmas Tree
Disney Princess Christmas Tree

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