20 Simple DIY Affordable Home Decor Tricks that Look Imperial

20 Simple DIY Affordable Home Decor Tricks that Look Imperial

People procrastinate re-decorating their home or apartment because they think that it will cost them a whole lot of money. Giving your home decor a mini makeover is not as financially daunting as you think it is. You don’t need to have deep pockets or break a bank to bestow your home a fresh feel. There are so many low-cost, no-cost and DIY methods with which you can overhaul the appeal of your home decor, including the outdoors. We have some simple affordable home decor tricks that you can use in almost any home decor style to add more glamour, uniqueness, and freshness.

1. Show off your passion and unique taste

Your man cave should define you and your personality, and material or things you are close to or you like being with. Don’t just imitate the style or taste of your best friend or your neighbor. The decor pieces your friends or neighbors have will definitely not match the size and style of your space. Have faith in the little details you want to make, and avoid restricting your personal style by sticking to a particular decor theme. Do experiments, and don’t be afraid to create your very own DIY affordable home decor tricks.

20 Simple DIY Affordable Home Decor Tricks that Look Imperial
20 Simple DIY Affordable Home Decor Tricks that Look Imperial-3
Image: Robert Rogalski

2. Better keep it organized with shelves

No need to buy exorbitant furniture or showpieces to make your home look trendy. The key to making an interior look up to the mark is keeping things organized and sorted. The chic and functional options here we have is incorporating some DIY shelves on the walls that look vacant and boring in your house. And to build one to suit your decor, you don’t have to win a lot of pennies. Believe us, you can bring that Ikea kind of grace home with them easily using only your DIY skills. Just be good at organizing stuff once you have installed some.

Easy and Affordable DIY Shelving Ideas
Image: Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors
20 Simple DIY Affordable Home Decor Tricks that Look Imperial-2
Image: home_is_where_my_boys_live and houseonhideaway
DIY shelving design ideas for affordable home decor
Image: Wayfair and Ikea

3. Hand-painted walls are chic

Let your walls take you to a dreamy place by adding a mural. Consider hand-painted walls. With them, you have endless possibilities to amp up your interior decor and bring out your personality and taste. You just need to get going with Picasso in yourself. If you are not confident about your painting skills, get in touch with a professional artist or a friend who has a better painting hand than you. Also. you can use readymade stencils to draw the patterns you want on your wall. You can easily buy them online at very reasonable rates. Trust us, it will not cost you much, but will magically turn your space into an elegant work of art.

Image: acolourfularthome
Image: itsmebotticelli evgenia.kaplan
Image: sique_jewerly @alexandraposterbennaim

4. Recycle unused items

Don’t worry if you can’t collect enough dollars to get a modern furniture piece home. There are plenty of furniture pieces that you can DIY easily using unused items, and you can do that with almost no budget or minimum budget. Moreover, recycled home decor is in trend now. And with them, you don’t have to compromise with the look. They are equally chic as designer decor items. You could say they are more voguish today. People are finding ways of going green and living a sustainable life. So make sure you won’t miss the chance!

Affordable DIY Sofa -How to make
Image: Pinterest
Recycle unused items to make home decor pieces
Image: Pinterest
Simple Affordable DIY Home Decor Ideas

5. Decorate with plants

Plants can add a fresh pop of colors and contentment to your interiors. Their beauty can lift up energy into any space. They are an easy and affordable option for you to amp up your decor while expressing your style and love for nature. To brighten up your space with plants you don’t necessarily have to buy planters with hefty price tags. Craft your planter yourself and give your indoor plant nursery a personal touch. Use materials that match your interior decor style and personal taste.

Simple DIY Affordable Home Decor Tricks that Look Imperial
Image: Hometalk/Pinterest
Simple DIY Affordable Home Decor Tricks that Look Imperial-1
Image: Pinterest

6. Throw a cozy rug

The easiest trick for making your home look imperial is throwing cozy rugs wherever needed in the room. Carpets and rugs ensure warmth, a great look, and coziness in your space. Moreover, to get one that’ll complement your space and furnishings, you don’t necessarily have to have deep pockets. You can buy a classy one at a very decent price range, and there is another option too. Yes, it is possible to knit your rug yourself, you just need to hold great knitting and crafting skills. Placing large rugs can define your room’s purpose in a better way. They can be used as a wall to separate one space from another.

Affordable DIY Rug For budget-friendly Home Decor
Image: Pinterest
DIY Cozy Rug ideas for comfy home decor
Image: Pinterest

7. Transform your ceiling

We don’t think of transforming our homes’ ceilings very often, not only because it is an expensive toil, but also because it creates a mess that takes weeks to settle again. However, It’s not the case all the time. To give your home ceilings a quick makeover you don’t have to demolish them completely. Consider mount ceiling tiles or panels. They come in lots of variety and styles and look great in all kinds of home decor themes. Get them in copper, silver, golden and many other wooden shades to match your interior decor. You won’t regret giving them a try.

8. Glam up your space with new lighting

There is something satisfying about creating home decor objects yourself, especially when you make them using recycled materials and unused items. Revamp your space with handmade recycled lights and lamps. With them, you can make your interior simple or as intricate as you want. It all depends on how you want it to make. DIY lighting projects are a great and affordable option to glam up any space in a jiffy. Moreover, they give you the freedom to choose the materials, designs, colors, and other details according to your taste and preferences. Have a look at these funky ideas below.

Glamp up your space with DIY lighting-1
Image: Diynetwork
Glamp up your space with DIY lighting
Image; Pinterest
Glamp up your space with DIY lighting Ideas
Image; Pinterest

9. Upgrade your curtains

Curtains will be in fad forever. Updating them will always be a clever and easiest way to transform a whole look of a room, without doing much. Curtains that complement the color of walls, lighting, and furniture in a room instantly add flavor to any interior decor. It’s not always important to get big-budget curtains and upholstery. Well, you can DIY them using the fabric you already have in your home, preferably some old bedsheets or dresses that you don’t wear anymore. Even if you can’t DIY curtains yourself, you can get some pretty good readymade curtain pieces at a very affordable price range from your nearby upholstery store. You just only need to know how to play around with colors and fabric in a room to match your decor theme.

Image: elledecor

10. Paint your door new

A freshly painted or designed door can add a twist to the whole look of your room and entryway. From an esthetic perspective, your doors play a vital role, as they are first the objects that your guests encounter while entering your home or any room. For an affordable and quick facelift, consider painting your doors in bright happy colors. Paint them carefully applying multiple layers. Make sure your final coat is giving a glossy finish and not showing any imperfections in the underlying surface.

DIY Affordable Home Decor Tricks
Image: hgtvhome
DIY Affordable Home Decor Tricks -1
Image: diynetwork

11. Remodel your kitchen cabinets

Remodeling kitchen cabinets is not a cheap toil especially when you have to pay for labor. However, you can save a lot more when you know how to plan your storage in your kitchen, and make clever cheap buys. It’s a low-cost chore for people with woodworking skills. If you are one with a great hand working with woods, consider building kitchen cabinets yourself.

DIY Kitchen remodeling ideas
Image: Pinterest
DIY Kitchen remodeling ideas
Image: Pinterest

12. Add more comfort to your living room

You can easily perk up the decor of your living room by making it more comfortable and cozy. There are many tricks for which you don’t have to pay much, and just need to do some small tweaks in your existing decor. Add a pop of vibrant colors and patterns on your couch or sofa by placing colorful cozy cushions in a line, or just throw a bold colored blanket to add that extra coziness to your space. Create a warm scene throwing a big cozy area rug. Don’t be afraid to introduce dramatic bursts of shades. You can also DIY your sofas choosing the fabric and colors you adore.

DIY Pallet wood sofa for affordable home decor
Image: FB/ Kmart Hacks & Decor
Add cozy comfort to your living room
Image: IG @jenniferxlauren
DIY handmade sofa for living room
Image: Etsy

13. Revamp your bedding

You can make your bedroom feel like a retreat just by making simple decor updates. Include smart storage, soothing wall colors, indoor planters, cozy furnishings, chic window treatments, and tasteful accessories, and you are all set to make your bedroom look brand new and in fad. Choose vibrant hues for curtains and cushion, they act as a perfect balance over white bedsheet and with neutral-colored walls. Plan up your bedroom’s cozy factor by letting in a bookcase, or a study or coffee nook. You can also include an art gallery to show off your passion for art. Rethink about the placement of your bed.

Tips to revamp your bedroom
Image: Pinterest
Tips to revamp your bedroom-1
Image: Pinterest

14. Rearrange the furniture

If nothing, rearrange your furniture and plan up for a new focal point in the room. The biggest mistake people do while decorating their spaces is not creating a focal point. Fireplace or gallery wall, whatever focal point you have, try to arrange your furniture around it. Don’t push your furniture against walls. It will make your room look dull and apathetic. Try to create at least one conversation area by placing chairs or couches face to face in your room to make it look more inviting.

Budget-friendly DIY home decor ideas
Image: IG @ best.of.brighton and @khris_roberts
Budget-friendly DIY home decor ideas -1
Image: juanmontoyadesign

15. Include an affordable art

Fill your empty walls with a dose of charm by including affordable DIY wall arts. DIY wall arts guarantee a facelift in your space and make it truly feel like home. While talking about art, it’s not always created on paper with paint and paintbrush. It can be of various types, and you don’t need to be very talented to create one for yourself. You can create one using common household or recycled items that probably are of no use. DIY wall arts are affordable to make. They’ll fill your space with personality and style.

Image: Etsy/Roslynka
DIY Affordable Home Decor Tricks that Look Imperial-6
Image: Countryliving
DIY Affordable Home Decor Tricks that Look Imperial-7
Image: Countryliving

16. Add some cultural pieces

Add a bit of your culture to your interior decor. Bringing culture indoors is not a pricey deal, especially when have good crafting and DIY skills. You just need to be aware of patterns, fabrics, colors, and materials that are popular to add cultural charm inside homes. It also depends on which culture you are following or want to bring in. Bamboo, wooden cans, pallets, and jute ropes are some of the popular materials that can be used to create DIY cultural decor pieces. Moreover, if you want to buy cultural decor pieces online, there are a variety of cultural handicrafts and showpieces available that come in a very affordable range.

Affordable cultural home decor ideas
Cultural Home decor items
Image: Etsy
20 Simple DIY Affordable Home Decor Tricks that Look Imperial-images
Image: Pinterest

17. Refurbish your space with light-hued walls

The trick to brighten up any space fast and at the lowest cost is to refurbishing it with light-hued walls or wall designs. A crisp matte white with cheerful hued circles on is totally timeless and modern at the same type. Light blues and green make a room feel like a tropical oasis. Don’t be afraid to do experiments matching the colors and creating a unique wall to be the center of attraction in the room. Try light gray to design your cozy cocoon. You can also play brush strokes over it to make it look tasteful.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

18. Replan your storage space

There is no such thing as plenty of storage space. We all sometimes in life fall short of storage in homes. Even when you have installed the right cabinets, closets, and shelves at the right spots in your home, you still need clever storage ideas that can be functional and look enticing as well. There are plenty of DIY ideas that can lift up your decor and cut the mess instantly. All you need is some hardware supplies, a basic tool kit, and a can-do attitude.

DIY Affordable Storage ideas
Image: Pinterest
Storage tips for kitchen
Image: Pinterest
DIY storage ideas for affordable home decor
Image: Pinterest

19. Add modern rustic charm to your bathroom

Add rugged natural beauty to your bathroom with DIY rustic elements that you can effortlessly craft or assemble at home. For that, you need materials or items that embrace nature-inspired textures, simple and earthy colors, and ultimately an unpretentious, organic warmth. You can use old rusty pallets, glass jars, metal pitchers, and thrown baskets to redefine your bathroom space in a cohesive contemporary rustic style.

Image: Pinterest and northcountrynest.com
Affordable tips to add morden rustic charm to bathroom

20. Experiment with bold colored fabric

Experimenting with bold colors can make your dull home decor full of life. Adding a splash of pop colors in the form of upholstery is a quick and easy way to add style and personality to any room. If not more, just have a bold-colored sofa or couch and thrown a few multicolored cushions over it. You can also go with patterned or printed cushions. To add some greens decorate your space with indoor plants. Ideally, add them to the corners of your room.

DIY Affordable Home Decor Tricks 3
Image: sofaworkshop and house and home
DIY Affordable Home Decor Tricks -1
Image: heals
DIY Affordable Home Decor Tricks
Image: Wayfair

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