20+ Best Halloween Cake Design Ideas to Make 31st a Whole Lot Spookier-2

20+ Best Halloween Cake Design Ideas to Make 31st a Whole Lot Spookier

Halloween is almost at our doorsteps, and we all almost are done with the decorating part and finding perfect costumes for ourselves and our kids. Now, it’s high time for planning what all you will prepare for the lip-smacking 31st party of the year, to keep the spooky spirit high.  When thinking about dessert – you can’t afford to miss out on cakes. They probably are the weakness of every person or a kid, including me. And when it’s a time of Halloween, nothing brings me more fun than dressing and decorating a Halloween cake for kids and for the entire family.

If you haven’t planned what kind of cake you will bake to elevate the creepy celebration, we have got you a list of cute and frightening Halloween Cake Design Ideas to make your guest crackle up with fear and delight.

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1. Cobweb Chocolate Cake

Besides spicing up your Halloween home decoration with spiders and cobwebs, add a touch of the creepy creature to you food. This chocolate –flavored cobweb cake with spider in the middle is a perfect treat to the dining table for the festive season. This is a creation of Zia’s Dessertry, getting so much of love and appreciation from all over the web. The easy and tempting recipe will satisfy the sugary beast in you and your guests.

2. The Nun Cake

This awesome nun cake is a great addition for a spooky Halloween party. The haunted cake by creamy_creations2020 on Instagram is a big hit, and so many people are trying replicating it to make 31st party a creepy nun—inspired feast.

3. Cute Colorful Monster

When there are kids around you, it’s not fair to serve them cakes that are excessively spooky. To keep the Halloween spirit alive and keep little ones happy, bake this cute colorful monster cake. It’s just right to bring fun taste and happiness in your party.

Cute Colorful Monster Cake Halloween
Image: enjoy_the_journey28

4. Ghost Halloween Cake

This ghost cake by Brothers Quality Bakery is a good deal for friends’ private Halloween party. The Insta-worthy cake will cackle up with your guests with fear and delight. It’s a good choice to bake this season for a small Halloween gathering.  

5. Black Widow Spider Cake

The cake gives you a chance to overcome your fear of spiders. The black widow spider cake by Love and Dulce will surely give chills to your arachnophobic friends at the party. The cake has a scary big queen spider sitting on the middle top. There are also some small spiders crawling up from the sides of the cake through a web. The cake really is a scary treat.

6. Michael Myers Death Cake

Michael Myers fans should include this spooky cake to their Halloween celebration. The cake with lots of fake blood, an edible knife and some broken pieces of glass is the best addition for your killer Halloween party. The cake will creep your guests like never before.

7. Return of Living Dead Cake

If you are into zombies this year, you must try baking this zombie cake by Sweetbelle Cakes. The cake is made inspired by the baker’s favorite zombie movie, Return of Living Dead. The cake will spook up your guests, and they’ll think twice before tasting this dead creature with creepy skin and eyes at your party.

8. Cthulhu Halloween Cake

Love Cthulhu, a fictional cosmic entity from the short story “The Call of Cthulhu”? You must try making a cake inspired by the character this year. The creepy green creature with so many limbs and frightening red eyes is amazing to spruce up the Halloween vibes at your dinner table.

9. Python cake For Halloween

The Python cake will be easiest for you to make if you are good at painting. See the intricate expressions and color design of the reptile. It is sure to give goosebumps to your ophidiophobic friends or guests at the party. They’ll think 100 times before having a bite of it.

Python cake For Halloween
Image: sweetbelle_cakes

10. Jurassic Park Cake

Keep your Halloween cake a little bit easy with this cute and fascinating Jurassic Park Cake. The cake will be admired by all the kids at the party. It is perfect to bake for a family Halloween gathering with so many little kids and young alike. It is an amazing creation of Sweetbelle Cakes.

11. Horror Eye Cake

If you want to make sure to impress your guests at your Halloween party, try baking this giant eerie cake with lots of uncanny eyes. The cake is a creation of Koalipops, who has a popular cake baking channel on Youtube. You can get the full recipe for baking this creepy eye cake cum sculpture at his Youtube channel. Your kids will find this cake very interesting to eat.  

Horror Eye Cake For Halloween
Image: koalipops

12. Clown Halloween Cake

This terrifying clown will surely satisfy the sweet tooth of little kids and young alike at your Halloween party. Just look at the facial expressions of the wicked happy guy. We just love him. The sculptural cake is a little tough deal to make, but obviously adorable.

13. Spooky Skull Cake

You must have come across so many skull cakes before this, but this one is really different. The cake is a creation of Bake My Day. It’s a dark chocolate cake beautifully adorned with a pink jewel-like skull, with tasty choco lava flowing down from its one eye. The cake is surprisingly beautiful and perfect to embrace the Halloween vibes.

14. Death of Her Halloween Cake

This cake is a great deal for a newlyweds’ first Halloween together after marriage. If you recently got married just before Halloween, the death of her Halloween cake with monster mouth and zombie fingers coming from the mouth out is a real deal for you. It seems it’s a two-faced cake playing a sweet and wicked role in a party.

15. Scarecrow Cake

It’s an easy cake in the shape of a cute scarecrow with a crow sitting on his shoulder. The happy scarecrow with colorful attire looks so happy that it perfectly adds happiness and a sense of togetherness to the family celebration. Small kids at the party will surely be friends with him.

Scarecrow Cake Halloween
Image: Womans Day

16. Zombie Cake For Halloween

Imagine this evil guy creeping you up from one corner at the party and calling you to have a piece of his skin. Only his spine chilling gaze is enough to spook shit out of your guests at the party. He looks so creepy. Tasting a piece of this zombie cake will be a dare that not everyone can do.

Zombie Cake For Halloween
Image: Hive Bakery

17. Green Monster Cake

This freaky monster cake is simply adorable and fun to make. It’s a three tiered cake with an open brain and knife as first layer, and scary monsters as rest two. The cake is easy to bake, requires a little bit painting and cake cutting skills. Just make sure you do justice with the cranky facial expressions of the monsters. Don’t forget to add fake blood to the brain to make it an eerie feast.

Green Monster Cake For Halloween
Image: pastelesalleggro

18. Pumpkin Cake Halloween

This cute pumpkin is ready to feed your guests love and sweetness. Since October is all about pumpkins and tasty food, this cakes is so adorable and wonderful to add to the feel of fall. bake it this Halloween to keep the festive spirit light and joyful.

Pumpkin Cake Halloween
Image: Jane’s Sweets

19. Brain Cake Halloween

The brain cake will be a great pick for a fan of walking dead series. A zombie brain that you’ll have to eat, Yuck! This nasty looking cake will be a dare to eat in your party, and very few will be able do so. The cake is a creation of a female Youtuber with channel ‘ How to Cake it.’ The kind o detailing she has given to the brain is commendable. It proves that she has eye for detail.

Brain Cake Halloween
Image: How to Cake It

20. Sliced Finger Cake Halloween

Will you taste zombie’s fingers dipped in blood? Only a few will agree to do the same. Have a look at this eerie buttercream cake with dead fingers, glass, and scary blood. The cake is an easy fun project that anyone with average baking skills can create. Give it a try and dare to your friends to eat the fingers on the cake in one go.

Sliced Finger Cake Halloween
Image: My Kitchen Stories

21. Happy Spider Cake

Show your creativity with this happy spider cake. Welcome your guests at the dinner table with the smiling spider on the cake and spread happiness. This colorful floral cake is just right to bring togetherness and sweetness to the family.

Happy Spider Cake
Image: Instagram @caramel.patisserie

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