50+ Best Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments to Keep the Festive Spirit Alive

50+ Best Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments to Keep the Festive Spirit Alive

No need to feel nostalgic if you can’t buy those high-priced Christmas tree ornaments from the Dollar Store this year. It is better to spend wisely than repenting later by knowing that you are left with no budget for the rest of the month and for the coming New Year. You don’t have to break the bank when you know you can still make your celebration big for your kids without hurting your budget. Yes, you can. All it needs is to make preparations a little early than usual with the help of the entire family. Also, it’s not necessary to have a large Christmas tree and then decorate it with lavish ornaments. To keep the expenses low and make the festivity exclusive, try having insanely cool Christmas tree alternatives and start using low-budget Christmas decoration ideas. And to adorn the beautiful Christmas trees you will have, try making these wonderful low-budget Handmade Christmas tree ornaments. You can get the whole family involved in making these best 50+ best handmade Christmas tree ornaments. It will be a fun and delightful experience for the entire family that will bring everyone closer to each other.

1. DIY Ice Cream Stick Ornament

Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree with a DIY Ice cream stick ornament with a family photo in middle, and recall all those good memories of togetherness on Christmas day. Making it is very simple, even small kids can make one on their own.

DIY Ice Cream Stick Ornament

2. Dried Orange Slice Ornament

When you’re missing up on a chilled summer orange juice hard, this dried orange slice is a perfect ornament to throw up on your tree. It will provide your space a natural vibe that everyone at the party will appreciate. To make one like this, you’ll only have to cut round shaped pieces out of an orange, and let them dry out in open air or sunlight or a few days. Then just add twine or ribbon to hang the ornament on your tree.

Dried Orange Slice Ornament

3. Alphabet Christmas Tree Ornament

Ask every family member to add an alphabet of its name on the tree. Every family member can give it a personal touch using the colors he/she likes. To make one like this you need a piece of cardboard, yarns which you might already have with you, and a scissor. Else, you can easily make an idea of how to proceed by seeing the pictures below.

Alphabet Christmas Tree Ornament

4. Button Christmas Tree Ornament

All you need to make this simple and festive DIY is a few buttons, thread, and a ribbon. It’s quick, easy, and amazing to enforce extra cute Christmas vibes in your home. Make some of these in different colors to make your Christmas tree look more vibrant.

Button Christmas Tree Ornament

5. Pinecone Christmas Ornament

You can find pinecones easily during this time of the year. Collect some of them to make these little cuties to enhance the appeal of your Christmas tree. You can make so many other things with pinecones. However, to make these little owls with different facial expressions you require colored felt, scissors, a hot glue gun, and pinecones, of course.

Pinecone Christmas Ornament

6. Mini Santa Sleigh Ornament

Don’t throw that walnut shell that you just broke to eat a nut. Spare that for creating a mini Santa sleigh ornament. The cute little sleigh with a tiny dressed up Santa standing on it is just an amazing accessory to provide your tree a real Christmas vibe.

 Mini Santa Sleigh Ornament

7. Felt Olaf Ornament

This will be a fun project for little kids at your home who love Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen. Making it is so simple using cut felt pieces, an ice cream stick, and twigs for hands. Hanging this on your Christmas tree will definitely get small kids dancing around the tree.

Felt Olaf Ornament

8. Walnut Rudolph Ornament

Welcome Santa with this little walnut Rudolph that you can make easily in a jiffy using just two googly eyes, two brown felt ears, and a sweet tiny pom-pom nose. This one of the easiest and best handmade Christmas tree ornaments in the list will lead Santa to the cookies you kept under the tree.

Walnut Rudolf Ornament

9. DIY Paper Candle Ornament

No need to put those fancy fire hazardous candles on your Christmas tree. Instead, put these glittery golden paper candles. These are wonderful to make your celebration a little more joyful. Also, these are very easy to craft that even small kids at home can also make some of these using paper, glue, and glitter.

DIY Paper Candle Ornament

10. DIY Globe Ornament

Show your passion to travel the world on your Christmas tree with this DIY globe ornament. To make one like this you need a styrofoam ball, a paper map, a scissor, a wooden skewer, glue glitter, and a ribbon. This will definitely remind you to plan your next trip to an unexplored destination.

DIY Globe Ornament

11. Wine Cork Reindeer

Start saving wine corks for Christmas this lovely DIY project. You can create a lot of tiny Christmas tree ornaments for Christmas using corks. Take an example of these happy reindeer who will welcome Santa in your home with wonderful Christmas vibes.

Wine Cork Reindeer

12. Yarn Ball Ornament

Try this budget-friendly DIY yarn ball ornament that only requires colorful threads, balloons, and glue. Create them in different sizes and colors to drape your Christmas tree in the feel of festivity. You can involve your kids in this fun activity.

Yarn Ball Ornament

13. Mini Mason Jar Lid Wreath

Collect a few mason jar lids to make a few mini wreaths like these to throw up on your Christmas tree. Making one will not require any expensive supplies. Just a mason jar ring, colorful threads, and a few tiny decorating stuff. Make them in different pretty colors.

Mini Mason Jar Lid Wreath

14. Felt Owl Christmas Ornament

How adorable are these cute colorful owls? If you are good at sewing fabric, make a few like these this Christmas for your Christmas tree. They all are made using and spare fabric from old unused clothes. These will surely attract toddlers around your tree.

Felt Owl Christmas Ornament

15. Cinnamon Stick Ornament

Teach your kids how to make a simple pine tree ornament for your Christmas tree using a cinnamon stick, tiny shrubs, and a few other tiny props that you can easily arrange around Christmas. Also, create an ornament using cinnamon and dried lemon to provide a little bit of festive fragrance to your space.

Cinnamon Stick Ornament

16. Toilet Paper Ornament

Don’t throw empty toilet paper rolls to trash this time. You have a chance to create something really beautiful for your Christmas tree out of them. Have a look at these cute white-feathered owls with big confused eyes. They will surely make your Christmas tree an inviting deal for Santa. You can also create some musical sleepy girls shown on the right side of the picture below.

Toilet Paper Ornament

17. Peppermint Candy Ornament

Candies are almost every year on our Christmas trees. It’s more like a tradition to include candies as Christmas tree ornaments for little kids. This year, do it differently by baking them in different shapes including in the shape of a Christmas bubble, star, or snowflake. For that, you can use the same Christmas stencils that you use for baking cookies and cupcakes.

Peppermint Candy Ornament

18. Christmas List Ornament

Create a DIY Christmas list ornament, so that you don’t miss the items or things you desperately want on Christmas from Santa or from your loved ones. Let your loved ones know what are the things you wish to have this Christmas. So if they want to surprise you, they know what exactly they should do for you. What a clever Christmas tree ornament.

Christmas List Ornament

19. Twig Christmas Tree Ornament

It is easy to find small fallen tree branches around Christmas in yards or outdoors. Collect them all, you can create wonderful Christmas tree ornaments out of them at cost. Get inspired by these some really adorable twig Christmas tree ornaments.

Twig Christmas Tree Ornament

20. Clay Snowman Ornament

Create a simple Christmas tree ornament just with clay. This will be a fun project for kids at home as well. This is one of the easiest and best handmade Christmas tree ornaments. Anyone even with no DIY skills can create it with no hassle. Moreover, it will look too cute in your space with all festival decoration.

Clay Snowman Ornament

21. Elf Door Christmas Ornament

Nothing says Merry Christmas more than a well decorated door to welcome guests. Hang one on your Christmas tree as well. Make this DIY elf door with a mini wreath on it. It will look damn good on your tree with other handmade Christmas tree ornaments.

Elf Door Christmas Ornament

22. Mini Crochet Gloves Ornament

It will be the cutest ornament you can have, and later your toddler can use it. These mini crochet gloves are very simple to make, takes no time if you know crocheting. Make a few in different colors for your tree to make it look more fun and vibrant.

Crochet Mini Gloves Ornament

23. Paper House Ornament

This paper house might be the easiest and prettiest ornament anyone can make in no time. All you need to make it are a few papers, thread, and a scissor. Hang them along with some LED lights in on your Christmas tree and spread a homely feeling everywhere in the space.

24. Miniature Yarn Wreath

Here’s another cute and easy Christmas tree ornament that you can customize according to you using the colors you like most. Make a few miniature yarn wreaths in different festive colors, and then just throw them up on your Christmas tree in a line. These mini wreaths will make your Christmas tree more celebratory.

Miniature Yarn Wreath
Miniature Yarn Wreath -2

25. Pom Pom Christmas Ornament

This easy handmade pom-pom ornament will soon become your favorite to put on your Christmas tree each year. Give the task of making some for your tree to your little kids. They will love this fun Christmas activity and bring you as a parent closer to them.

Pom Pom Christmas Ornament
Pom Pom Christmas Ornament -1

26. Peanut Christmas Ornament

Gather up some peanuts from your Grandmaa’s pocket, then sew them up in ribbon to make a cute Christmas wreath. It will be a perfect Christmas ornament for an outdoor Christmas tree, which will surely attract colorful birds and squirrels in your yard.

Peanut Christmas Ornament
Peanut Christmas Ornament-1
Peanut Christmas Ornament 2

27. Glitter Cardboard Star

Whip out your glitters and cardboard boxes that you have received from Amazon with your recent purchases. Create your very own work of art in a few steps with handy and low-cost materials. To make one, you just have to make a star out of a cardboard sheet, and then throw some glitter on it to make it look chic and festive ready.

28. Wooden Snowman Ornament

This project is as sweet and simple to make as it looks. It requires no intricate details. You just need round wooden bars which you can easily arrange around winters. Children at home will enjoy painting these happy snowmen to life.

Wooden Snowman Christmas Ornament

29. Wood Slice Mini Wreath

You don’t need impressive crafting skills to make this lovely glittery wreath. It is again made using round wooden slices. Creating it is child’s play if you have round slices of a tree ready with you.

Wood Slice Mini Wreath

30. Snowman Hat Ornament

How cool are these little snowman hats? We are sure you have not thought of using disposable cups till now for making Christmas ornaments. Try making these cute hats, entirely made using disposable cups, black tape, and a few embellishments.

Snowman Hat Ornament

31. Silver Bells Christmas Tree Ornament

Make your Christmas tree a little musical with this ornament made using silver bells. You can easily buy silver bells from a craft shop near you at a very reasonable price.

32. Broken CD Christmas Ornament

Add extra shine to your Christmas tree with a bauble made of CD. The ornament will beautifully reflect the light falling on it, and will definitely make your Christmas tree look better than ever.

33. Glass Ball Family Photo

This DIY glass ball photo ornament is all you need to make your Christmas tree personalized. To make one, you just need to insert a solo or a family photograph into a glass globe. Try to make it look extra spunky by adding some glitter and colorful ribbons at the top of it.

34. Sequin Christmas Tree Ornament

Provide that needed festive sparkle like disco balls to your Christmas tree by making these easy, low budget, and one of the best handmade Christmas tree ornaments. You can make them in different colors. To make one, all you need is a styrofoam ball, sequins, and All pines, to secure sequins on the styrofoam ball.

Sequin Christmas Tree Ornament

35. Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornament

This is definitely one of the simplest and best handmade Christmas tree ornaments. To make one ribbon Christmas tree ornament like this, you need a ribbon of any color and some beads. Just sew beads in a straight line along with the ribbon making a tiny Christmas tree, using a needle and thread.

Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornament

36. Paper Star Ornament

Paper is the handiest, and easy to work with material for Christmas craft projects. Have a look at these 3D paper stars made using just paper and glue. This time announce a competition among your kids to show up their creativity by making a few of them in different colors. It’s a nice idea to keep them busy in this holiday season.

Paper Star Christmas Ornament

37. Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament

These lovely bottle cap Christmas ornaments are just what your Christmas tree needs. These are created using material that you can arrange at no cost. This probably is the cheapest but beautiful Christmas tree ornament on the list.

Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament

38. Pinecone Reindeer Ornament

Give that farmhouse rustic touch to your tree with a pinecone reindeer ornament. It’s a simple, inexpensive, and chic ornament that goes with every tree.

Pinecone Reindeer Ornament
Image: firefliesandmudpies

39. Angel Yarn Ornament

Do you have little girls in your home who are totally angel-obsessed? Teach them to make this angel yarn ornament. It will surely add that needed happy vibe to your tree.

40. French Macaron Ornaments

Love french macrons? Add a few to your Christmas tree. These tempting pastries will make your sweet tooth dolling. These easy to make macrons will make your tree look more vibrant and festive ready.

French Macaron Ornaments

41. Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornament

Here is a simple way to add mini Christmas tree to hang on your real Christmas tree. This tiny Christmas tree ornament is made using a paper straw, ice-cream stick, and a little shiny star.

Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornament

42. Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas can not be celebrated without tasty cupcakes. You probably have got cupcake liners from the market for your next Christmas feast. It’s time to use them a little differently on your Christmas tree. Have a look at these frilly tiny Christmas trees. Aren’t these cute and colorful?

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Ornament

43. Pearl Christmas Ornament

Level up your Christmas tree decoration by putting some pearl Christmas ornaments. You can even make them for your friends to give as a gift. To make one like this, you just need to add glue on a glass ornament and stick pearls in a clean line.

Pearl Christmas Ornament

44. Burlap Christmas Ornament

These cute burlap Christmas ornaments will provide a perfect rustic touch to your tree. These will also make your space look extra-warm, cozy, and inviting. You can fill your favorite candies in a few burlap ornaments to make your tree full of surprises for kids.

Burlap Christmas Ornament

45. Matchstick Star Ornament

Spread joy this year with a matchstick star ornament. It is absolutely easy to make just by using a cardboard star, glue, and matchsticks. It is a fun craft project to keep kids busy this holiday season.

Matchstick Star Ornament

46. Stick Sled Ornament

Make a few adorable miniature sled ornaments out of Popsicle sticks. You can personalize them by painting them in attractive colors. To make them look more real, add a little fake snow and tiny silver bells on them, as shown in the picture below.

Stick Sled Ornament

47. Crochet Tree Ornament

Make this fun crochet tree ornament to decorate your Christmas tree uniquely. It will jazz up your space with a special kind of cozy appeal, which is much required in winters.

Crochet Tree Ornament

48. Gem Ornament

You don’t have to break the bank for these expensive-looking gem Christmas ornaments. You can easily create some using your old broken earrings or a piece of jewelry. Also, if you don’t have any broken jewelry; use artificial Swarovski crystals, which you can easily buy from a nearby craft store at very reasonable price.

Gem Christmas Ornament

49. Wood Bead Ornament

Buy some wooden beads from a nearby craft store at a very low price, and create a lavish-looking ornament for your Christmas tree. This lovely and warm ornament is so simple to craft and gets ready in a jiffy.

50. Ping Pong Ball Snowmen

We all love ping pong balls so much. And we bet you will love these snowmen more that are made using ping pong balls. What an easy fun project for little kids.

Ping Pong Ball Snowmen

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