Top 20 Home Office Furniture Ideas

20 Best Home Office Furniture Ideas to Work From Home

Setting up a workstation in a home is not an easy job. You need to have the right home office furniture and other office equipment, which are ergonomically good and comfortable for you.

To prevent the Coronavirus from spreading in workplaces, most organizations are turning to remote work or working from home as a mandatory step to perform their daily operations smoothly. With no permanent end in sight to the Coronavirus, employers are thinking of continuing the new norm in 2021, and for many years to come. It is not only because it helping the virus from spreading, but also because there is a big boost in the productivity of majority of businesses, after switching to work from home.

Obviously, no one wants to work in a shoddy uncomfortable space. No matter how small or big, while working from home you must need a home office to spend a considerable amount of time working in it. If you are also looking to design a perfect home office for you, have a look at these best 20 best home office furniture you need to have in your home.

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1. MARCEL Folding Desk 

Are you living in a small apartment where setting up a small space to call your office is a tough deal? MARCEL folding desk is a viable solution for you. The desk can be folded away after use and can be stored easily under a bed or behind a cabinet conveniently. In the folded state it measures only 5cm thick, which means you can easily shove it in a corner. Its 80 cm long and 40 cm wide desk is enough big to keep a laptop, a coffee mug, and some stationery items that you would require while working.

2. Hillsdale L-Shape Executive Desk

Need a workstation with a large surface and storage to place in one of the corners of your house? This L-shape executive desk is something you definitely need. This comes with a lot of storage space and a quite large desk to keep office equipment that are required to keep on with office work.

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3. OFFICESHELL BIO By Dizzconcept

Need extra privacy and enclosed space so that you don’t get disturbed by the other members in your house while working from home? This office shell workstation is really a must-have for you. Since it can be closed to be a circular cabin for one, it provides extra protection against the infectious Cornonavirus disease.

4. Height-Adjustable Desk

If you can’t work sitting on a chair for long, you must buy this height adjustable desk that can be converted into a standing desk very effortlessly in less than a minute. The black walnut desk comes with pretty geeky features like QI fast charging dock and innovative cable management through openings on the tabletop. It comes with a lot of storage space to keep office files and stationery organized. It also has a large tabletop to set a full-sized computer screen or laptop.

Best Home Office Furniture

5. TooaPicnic Couch With Workstation

If you just need a laptop, and a comfortable seat to do your day-to-day office tasks without any fuss, this couch with a table attached in middle is just the right pick for you. Attend your live video conferences or reply to emails without losing the comfort of being at home.

20 Best Home Office Furniture You Need While Working From Home-3

6. Chaise Renversée Workstation

This home office desk by the French designer and architect Pierre-Louis Gerliercan can be converted into a lounger by reversing its sides. It is entirely made from wood with a zig-zag base which is lined with red cushioning from inside. So whenever you want to relax after working long hours, you can reverse it down to on lounger mode.

Work From Home Workstation

7. Hutch Corner Desk

This study cum office desk is a perfect solution for small-spaced modern homes. It comes with a side shelf attached to it, in which you can keep your stationery, books, files, and other belongings organized to make your room look tidy and elegant. It is an amazing piece of furniture to add style and functionality to your home office.

8. Louise Task Chair

If you don’t want a standard office chair in your home office that can lose the essence of your home decor, this chair is definitely something you must get. Upholstered in velvet fabric, this chair with a rounded back and sloped, recessed arms provides premium comfort to your body. The button stuffed details on its back, and its amazing color will add a glam look to your space. Down below, it features metal gold finish legs with five casters that allow smooth movement across your carpet or floor.

Louise Task Chair For Home Office
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9. TO-TO | Office Workstation By True Design

If your interior doesn’t allow you to set up a big workstation, this portable office workstation by true design will surely inspire you. It is easy to move, put together and compose according to the needs of mobility and transversality that define modern workplaces. The workstation comes with an arched wall covering the desk from left to right to provide you extra privacy. You also get a basic seat with it without a backrest, which can be used as a multifunctional pouf in your home. When not using the seat, you can store it conveniently under the desk.

10. Salina L-Shape Desk

How about designing a personal home office under the staircase at home? If this is the idea you really love, must check this L-shaped desk. The all-white desk with cabinet storage at one end to keep clutter out of sight is just right to make your space look modish cum classy. Pair it with a low upholstery armchair to add comfort and a glam vibe to your home office decor.

Salina L-Shape Home Office Desk
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11. Rover EVO Mobile Chair

Designed by  IBEBI, Rover EVO mobile chair is a creative solution for people looking for a comfortable chair that can be moved around easily anywhere. The chair comes with a large 570×370 mm desk that you can flip up and rotate 360-degrees according to your preferences. It is an ideal solution for people who can’t work in a monotonous enclosed office space, and want a home office furniture that they can move anywhere they want.

Rover EVO Mobile Chair
Buy: ibebi

12. Tokyo Wall Mounted Writing Table

If your space doesn’t allow you to incorporate a bulky computer desk, this wall-mounted desk is the only solution you need in your life. When not in use, you can fold it back on your wall to save space in your room. It comes with pretty good storage space to keep important office documents, stationery, and decorative stuff organized and look stylish in your space. The modish desk also comes with an electric socket to charge laptops and phones.

Tokyo Wall Mounted Writing Table
Buy: Pepperfry

13. Halverson Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

An on-trend and on-budget home office furniture that lets you sit comfortably for long. It is build using a steel pedestal base, a foam-padded upholstered seat, and a mesh full-back with lumbar support ergonomic comfort. You can get this stylish chair in thirteen other beautiful colors to match your interior decor and office theme.

Halverson Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair
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14. Rio Foldable Study Table in Frosty White Colour

This compact and classy foldable table provides a one-of-a-kind exquisite appeal to any space. It is certainly good to go home office furniture for homes with less space. While not working on it, you can squeeze it to store behind a cabinet or under a bed.

15. Rafal Executive Chair

This mid-century style leather office chair will surely do justice to your job profile. It is made using quality materials that will never bend, break, or malfunction. It is even waterproof, and you clean it just by wiping it off with a damp cloth. If we talk about the comfort it provides, it comes with a streamlined back that will provide ultimate comfort to your spine. It is a one-time investment for your home office you must go for it.

Rafal Executive Chair Home Office Chair
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16. Dyna Writing Table

Here is again a chic desk to make that empty corner in your house a glam home office. The trendy table comes with walnut legs, and a security wall covering the desk from left to right; to avoid slipping or falling of any item from the back and both the sides of the desk. Pair it with a cushy armchair to make your working space look never like before, stylish and modish.

Dyna Writing Table Home Office Chair
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17. Orbit Desk by Douglas Design Studio

The orbit desk is both, striking in appearance and practical. Its unique buly design and mesmerizing finish make it a center of attraction in any office space. If you have a separate room to call your office in your house, nothing can be a better choice than this desk.

20 Best Home Office Furniture Ideas to Work From Home
Buy: douglasdesignstudio

18. Rounded Corner Desk

We picked this chic idea from Pinterest for people looking for an inexpensive way to create a small home office in their homes. This curved work desk showcases a space-saving design. It is ideal to install in an unused corner of a living room or master suite near the window.

Rounded Corner Desk Home Office Desk

19. Glitzhome Modern Adjustable Office Chair

Nothing can be better than a chair with a comfortable headrest and back that can recline 180-degree to provide you personalized comfort. The Glitzhome modern adjustable office chair is a premium quality chair build with the best quality leather and upholstery. The kind of comfort and appearance it provides can not be easily found anywhere else. The best thing is it goes well with every type of home and office decor. There are several other color options available in it that you can choose according to your preference.

Glitzhome Modern Adjustable Home Office Chair
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20. Herman Miller Office Chair

Herman Miller is known for manufacturing the best ergonomic home office furniture, and this one is one of the finest creations by them. The chair is draped in a single hue from top to bottom, and you have three more options to choose the color to suit your space.

Herman Miller Office Chair
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