10 Live Edge Washbasin Vanities to Provide Your Bathroom Earthy Feel

10 Live Edge Washbasin Vanities to Provide Your Bathroom Earthy Feel

Fed up of seeing typical marble washbasin vanities in your bathroom, instead, you want something that can bring serenity and nature into your bathroom? Live edge washbasin vanities are the new cool that provides an earthy feel to your bathroom without taking away any luxury sophistication. They are a great alternative for people who are tired of seeing concrete urban areas sprawling across the world, and finding ways to connect with nature inside their very homes. There are so many designs and styles of wooden washbasin vanities that ensure to bring the essence of nature to your bathroom. Let’s have a quick look at some of the best designs.

1. CONE INVI Wooden Washbasin

The CONE INVI Wooden Washbasin by Germany-based bathroom accessories producer Tischlerei Paul Neumann GmbH is really you would like to have in your bathroom. The wall-mounted washbasin on a wooden slab takes inspiration from live-edge furniture and looks incredibly gorgeous in the bathroom spaces with all nature-inspired setting. Its impactful design with fine curves and lines makes the space look clutter-free. The square-shaped washbasin bowl is carved on the top of the slab and looks almost invisible, and that’s the beauty of it. The drain is made of black steel and perfectly integrated into the washbasin bowl. There is also a small planter at the end of the wooden slab to help you see nature before your eyes. You can get your hands on the designer’s this and other similar creation by contacting him through his website.

2. Rustic Wooden Vanity

The rustic wooden vanity by Littlebranch Farm is made using a cedar tree stump and a live-edge wooden slab as a vanity top. This one-of-a-kind natural wood vanity has a hammered copper sink, paired with a water bridge faucet by Sonoma Forge. If you are not a big fan of copper, you get the option of swapping copper sink with pewter, glass, or stone sinks by the designer. The beauty of this live-edge wooden vanity is that the designer hasn’t tried to tweak the originality of the tree stump. Having this vanity in your bathroom is a great chance for you to bring in the feeling of living in the woods. 

3. NINA Double Washbasin by KARPENTER

The NINA double washbasin by Hugues Revuelta of KARPENTER is a simple yet classic wooden vanity and is a great combination of modernity and nature.  Its soft lines and curves create a weightless elegance and impact that no one can forget easily. The wall-mounted vanity slab comes with a double washbasin with gently rounded corners to provide a soft expression to your bathroom space. The washbasin vanity can be paired with a wooden framed mirror and wooden baskets to store toiletries. You can buy it on pre-order by contacting the designer.

4. Madera N°1 Bamboo Wood Wash Basin

Aquant India’s Madera N°1 Bamboo Wood Wash Basin has the finest design. The bowl-shaped basin complements the space more when paired with the smooth wall-mounted vanity. It is finished by craftsmen using the same practices used to make luxury yacht furniture and made from a mixture of water-proof bamboo finished using a premium-quality resin coat. The product comes with a 5-year warranty and has been tested under the harshest environmental conditions.

5. Hanging Wood Slab Bathroom Vanity

Made out of rustic wooden slab found in a forest, this hanging wood slab bathroom vanity brings serenity, warmth, and stability of natural wood indoors. This is again a creation of Littlebranch Farm, which comes in custom sizes with unique grain patterns and barn tones to go well with your lavatory. The floating wood slab vanity features a forged steel chain system and a hammered copper sink. This hanging live-edge washbasin vanity certainly will be an astonishing addition to your bathroom space.

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6. Tree Stump Corner Wooden Washbasin Vanity

This one is found on Pinterest, certainly to energize your mood every morning in the bathroom. You’ll love washing off your problems in it before going to bed every night.  It is a great deal for nature lovers with small bathrooms as well, as it can amazingly fit in any corner flawlessly. The washbasin at the top is entirely carved out of a thick wood stump and then finished using high-quality resin to make it water-resistant. This can be a great deal to bring in the warmth and attractiveness of live-edge wood indoors.

7. Wooden Slab Vanity

This is a vanity installation I found on Etsy, looks so incredible with a miniature rustic bathtub washbasin at the crest.  The vanity is sized small to fit bathrooms with minimum space and country appeal. Its indefinite form makes it look more natural and eye-catching. Someone with great fondness with nature and small space in their bathrooms must get this vanity design.

8. Juniper Log Wood Vanity

Juniper Log Wood Vanity by Littlebranch Farm is a natural way to bring nature into your home decor. This rustic-style vanity comes with a twisted juniper log base, wavy redwood slab, and a natural edge. The vanity has a copper basin installed, but if you want you can get it in stone, bronze, or glass, you’ll have to preorder it from the designer, and he will customize it according to your preferences of size, color, and material.

9. Wooden Slab Vanity Cabinet

This Wooden Slab Vanity Cabinet Draws Inspiration from regular cabinet vanities and can be a great choice for roomy bathrooms. This is crafted using cedar slabs, and the best part of getting it from Littlebranch Farm is that you get a totally distinctive piece, as each piece is customized using a new tree slab from a new tree. The table-like live edge vanity proficiently brings the sturdiness and charm of natural wood indoors.

10. Rustic Floating Vanity by Littlebranch Farm

This Rustic Floating Live Edge Wood Vanity is built from an old-growth redwood slab by Littlebranch Farm.  You can install this hanging vanity in your dressing corner or into a small spaced lavatory.  It also received a treatment of copper sink in the middle with a chain system for structural support. Also, with this vanity, you get the option to select between Maple, Redwood Cedar, and Claro Walnut. The cooper sink also can be swapped with glass, stone, or bronze.

Rustic Wooden Washbasin

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