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20+ Low-Budget Christmas Decoration Ideas For a Unique Christmas House Makeover

Counting down the days to Christmas and wondering how you will get it all done with a limited budget at the end of the month? Everyone loves Christmas, but you can’t ignore the kind of harm it does to your budget. The most awaited festival comes with lots of arrangements that need to be done on time to make the celebration memorable every year. The biggest celebration of the year does not only require preparation for home decoration but also does involve arrangements of gifts for the long list of loved ones, friends, and co-workers who expect gifts from you every year. However, when you are financially broke and want to cut down Christmas cost; you will have to give up on many things like fancy dollar store Christmas decorations and expensive Christmas trees. Obviously, you can’t cut down on gifts so much unless you are not good at making them handmade. But you can repair your pocket by spending less on buying decorating stuff for beautifying your home. Yes, you don’t have to pay an arm or leg to spruce up your home for Christmas. Give a try to these 20 best low-budget Christmas decoration ideas to create an impact on your guests about your unique sense of decoration. These tasteful and inexpensive ideas will make your home look unique and from others in the neighborhood. Have a look.

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1. Make a Good Use of Scrap Wood You Have

Don’t throw scrap wood you have collected in your storeroom. You can use them for creating so many beautiful Christmas decorations. Make unique life-sized or table top Christmas tree out of it and decorate them the way you want with the available Christmas ornaments.  You can also make lovely floor standing decorations to deck up your party uniquely.

20 Low-Budget Christmas Decoration Ideas For a Unique House Makeover

2. Decorate Your Front Door Using Ribbons

Make your front door look simple as well as classy using colorful or plain red ribbons. No need to make it fancy, keep it simple, plain and unique. To make the entry more appealing, you can hang a handmade wreath at the center of the door. Get inspired by the pictures below.

20 Low-Budget Christmas Decoration Ideas For a Unique House Makeover
20 Low-Budget Christmas Decoration Ideas For a Unique House Makeover-1

3. Make Your Fireplace Mantel a Focal Point

Decorate your fireplace mantel uniquely using seasonal plants, pine cones, or dried lemons. This is the best way to show your creativity using the material you already have. Use glitters, dried nuts, colorful papers, and fancy fabrics to make your fireplace mantel and inviting space. You can also create some amazing handmade Christmas ornaments.

Christmas fireplace mantel a focal point

4. DIY Nature-Inspired Christmas Wreath

Collect all the seasonal flora and fauna around you and create an amazing Christmas wreath for your wall or front door. Take an example from the pictures below. They all are enough to bring the essence of Christmas to your house. The best thing is that they are super affordable and are made only using the material sourced from nature.

DIY Nature-inspired Christmas Wreath
Easy Christmas Wreath with Nature material

5. Mason Jar Lights  

Using mason jars filled with soothing LED lights is a bold and beautiful way to decorate any space. Put mini affordable Christmas trees and fake snow with a tiny snowman in the jar, then put some battery-powered or string LED lights in the jar to brighten up your space for the biggest celebration of the year.

Christmas Mason Jar lights
Mason Jar lights for Christmas

6. An Old Photo Frame

Do not throw those old broken old photo frames that you think are of no use. Have a look at these Christmas wall decorations made out of old broken photo frames. Aren’t they amazing to provide a little bit of Christmas spice to your boring nook. Using them you can create one of a kind Christmas decoration for your walls. You can also hang it over your fireplace mantel to make your space look more appealing and inviting.

Old Photo Frame Christmas Decoration

7. Use a Ladder if You Have

No worries if you can’t afford a fancy Christmas tree. Get the old ladder out from your storeroom and decorate it like a tree this Christmas using LED sting lights with seasonal flora and fauna. If you don’t want to decorate a ladder like a tree, just decorate it to bring spice to your boring corner of the house.

20 Low-Budget Christmas Decoration Ideas For a Unique House Makeover-1
Ladder Christmas Tree

8. String Up Socks

If you have nothing fancy to decorate your walls for Christmas, just string up your socks on your walls with a little bit of lighting and handmade Christmas ornaments. Make the wall more lively using colorful socks. You can also decorate your fireplace with socks. Have a look at these beautiful examples.

Socks Christmas Decoration

9. Collect Seasonal Pinecones

You can do so much with pinecones to decorate your home for Christmas, and you will not have to give a price for it, since they are readily available in nature during the fall season. So start collecting them and explore how beautiful things you can create out of them to make your Christmas extra beautiful and lively. Have a look.

Pinecone Christmas Decoration

10. Use Wine Glasses You Have

Get those wine glass out from your kitchen cabinet that you are not using from a long time. By using wine glasses nicely with your great sense of decoration you can turn your house into an amazing Christmas village, and that too without breaking the bank. Use candles, ribbons, glitters, fake snowflakes and tiny Christmas ornaments to decorate the space with wine glasses as shown in the pictures below.

Wine Glasses Christmas Decoration

11. Throw Up Cozy Cushions

Cushions and cushion covers are the most convenient accessories to add spice to any space for Christmas. If you know how to stitch or work with fabrics, make some in pretty colors and designs using your old shirts and sweaters. Throw them up on your couch with some cozy blankets and soft toys to make your living room or bedroom a comfortable inviting space.

DIY Christmas Cushions
DIY Christmas Cushion ideas
DIY Christmas Cushions-1
DIY Christmas Cushion ideas

12. Wine Bottle Christmas Decor

What a wonderful and affordable idea of using empty wine bottles for Christmas decoration. Think twice before you throw wine bottles in a dustbin next time. Have a look at these creative wine bottle crafts. Some of these are amazing to lighten up your space, and some are so vibrant to make your space look welcoming and colorful for the celebration.

Wine Bottle Christmas Decor
Wine Bottle Christmas Decor-1
Wine Bottle Christmas Decor-2

13. Downsize Your Christmas Tree

You can cut down 50% of your Christmas cost just by downsizing the size of your Christmas tree. Bring in the medium or small-sized Christmas trees. They are relatively cheaper than the life-sized ones. Still, if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy one, you can make one on your own. There are so many Christmas tree alternatives, which are small in size and you can create them on your own easily. Also, to decorate small trees you will not have to buy many Christmas ornaments, and you can also use old Christmas ornaments that you already have with you.

Downsize your Christmas tree

14. Mini Tabletop Christmas Trees

Mini Christmas trees come for rescue when you have almost no budget to bring in a life-sized Christmas tree home. You can make many tabletop Christmas trees with different kinds of materials, and place them in different corners of your house. These mini cute trees will not drain your pocket, as you can create them only using home available materials. These mini colorful trees will for sure bring a sense of festivity to your space.

Mini Tabletop Christmas trees
Mini Tabletop Christmas trees

15. Use Old Christmas Cards

Create an impressive wall decor this Christmas using old Christmas cards you have received in previous years. Showcase your loved ones those sweet memories, those handwritten cards that you value more than anything. Create a beautiful wall display Christmas tree out of them. This is a super affordable and chic idea to recall all those old good Christmas memories.

Christmas Card Decoration

16. Decorate Window Curtains

Don’t forget to give your windows a festive touch with string lights or colorful ribbon. Keep the decoration on windows as simple as you can. Sometimes simplicity can win hearts of many. Decorate your windows with handmade decals. You can craft them just using plain white or colorful papers. For some easy and inexpensive inspirations have a look at the ideas below.

17. Reuse Already Available Materials

This year save your Christmas costs by using already available materials in home for decoration. For example, you can use Amazon boxes to make a life-sized, eco-friendly Christmas tree. Make good use of plastic and glass bottles that you have collected for a long time by crafting a Christmas tree out of them. Also, if you have collected wine corks, there are so many Christmas crafts you can create using them. Take a look.

Recycled Christmas Tree
Glass Bottle Christmas Tree
Book Christmas Tree
Plastic Christmas Tree
Wine Cork Christmas Tree

18. Brighten Up Your Dining Table

Keep the budget down by decorating your dining table in style using only handmade decorations. It will take your time and efforts but will surely make your dining space look unique and inviting to guests. You can reuse your old bedsheets or shirts to create lovely table cloths and tabletop Christmas trees. Use seasonal pinecones and shrubs to deck your dining table for the biggest get together of the year. Also, light up your dining table perfectly.

Christmas Dining Table Decoration
Christmas Dining Table Decoration

19. Make Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Decorating your Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments is an important tradition. However, the tradition comes at a big price tag. If you are planning to get a full-sized Christmas tree then decorating it with high-priced ornaments can hurt your pocket. The better option is to create some handmade Christmas ornaments. Handmade Christmas ornaments can be equally beautiful and sometimes can be even more attractive and unique than the ones you buy from the market, as you can give them your personal touch. Have a look at these cute tiny DIY Christmas ornaments that anyone can create with a medium crafting hand.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments
Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments
Handmade Christmas Ornaments-1
DIY Handmade Christmas Ornaments

20. Decorate Your Most Boring Corner

Pay special attention to the dull corners of your house this Christmas. You can easily bring a sense of festivity by decorating them, and for that, you don’t have to pay your bank. Keep it simple and inviting. Don’t put so much decorative stuff there. A photo frame, a Christmas wreath, LED string lights, and some mini Christmas trees with packed gifts will be more than enough.

Christmas Decor ideas for Corners
Christmas Decor ideas for Corners -1

21. Glitter is so Affordable

If you can’t afford anything, just throw glitters in all over your home, and bring the shine of Christmas to your indoors. Glitter is so affordable and surprisingly can turn any boring space into a glamorous place. For more shine, you can use mirrors behind glittery items you create. These glittery Christmas tree-shaped cones are so beautiful, try making them this Christmas almost at no cost.

Glitter Christmas Decoration

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