20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend

20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend

Dogs are nothing but a true blessing, and fostering one is the best decision anyone can make in his life. These adorable furry fellows fill our hearts with loyalty, love, positivity, and plenty of feelings to feel fortunate about. We love how they do crazy things and make our life a little more exciting, fun-filling and stress-free. They truly are pure hearts who simply deserve all the happiness of the world. Start with giving them a house that they can call their own and feel comfortable and secure in. It’s generally best to let your dog sleep indoors, especially when the temperature outside is too dip. However, you still should give your dog a space to sit, sleep and feel comfortable outside while guarding your house. Have a look at these 20 super chic modern dog houses. These classy dog houses will not just shelter them but swaddle them in luxury.

1.Refection Mirrored Dog House

Reflection mirrored dog house with Bi-folding glass doors provides the dog unobstructed views of outdoor scenery. The elegant looking dog house reflects the environment and provides your dog a great space to feel cheerful and secure inside. With wooden paneling on walls, a bluestone floor, and premium lighting inside, the dog house feels so lavish. The luxury dog house comes with a hefty price tag. However, it seems genuine to pay the same for such an amazing design.

2. Sustainable Dog House

How about a sustainable dog house with a green roof, an automatic faucet, a little window, and a hidden cabinet for storing treats? The doghouse is weather-resistant, provides a dog a safe nook to slumber in peace. You can custom-design one like this for your best furry buddy.

Sustainable Dog House

3. Wooden Dog House

If your dog loves to be outside all the time you can put this in your backyard. This airy wooden dog house makes a good standout shelter for your pooch.

Wooden Dog House
Image: Pinterest

4. Trolley Dog House

Aww, isn’t it cute? An adorable little trolley house for your little pup. This nomad dog home is designed by an Italian artist Marco Morosini. The trailer is built of high-quality ceramic and can be easily pulled anywhere.

20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend
Image: Pinterest

5. Noise Cancellation Dog Shelter

This amazing dog house has a noise cancellation system so that your dog can take a nap without any interruption. It perfectly blends with the outdoors and looks absolutely pleasant.

20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend-1
image: Pinterest

6. Attic Shaped Dog House

An attic shaped dog house but definitely way much better than the usual one’s. What do you think? Place it anywhere outside your home to give your pooch a space that he always wanted. It is one of the most desirable modern dog houses on the list.

20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend-3
Image: Pinterest

7. Bauhaus Dog House

Does this dog house built by an Architect? Your guests will surely ask this. Well, yes this German-manufactured modern dog house is a homage to Bauhaus architecture. The builders adopted the Bauhaus approach to design it and to also identify the user’s needs. The material of this house is easy to clean and durable.

20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend-5
Image: Pinterest

8. Dog Mansion

How about a Dog mansion? No kidding, this dog house has a huge sitting space with attic windows and a front yard with a personal swimming pool. Custom-design one like this for your favorite creature in the world.

20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend-6
image: Barkpost

9. Wooden Dog House Cum Planter

If you can’t get enough plants in your home don’t worry, your pup house can help you with it. This designer dog house has an extra roof so that you can plant a little more.

20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend-7
Image: Pinterest

10. Modern Architecture Dog House

Not just a dog house but it is a piece of art. If you are a fan of modern architecture, this will add beauty to your home, and comfort for your pet.

20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend-8
Image: Pinterest

11. Ranch Styled Shelter

This Ranch dog house is more than just a shelter. It is designed by Pijuyan Design Workshop. The inspiration behind this beautiful dog house is mid-century houses. The dog house features an amazing succulent garden with a food bowl stool at one corner.

20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend-9
Image: Pijuan design

12. Modern Dog House

Home sweet home, this shelter will give your dog a feeling of actual home. It has a beautiful little front yard garden and cozy space to rest in.

20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend-10
Image: Pinterest

13. DIY Dog House

This little dog shelter is the true definition of a modern dog house that has a Wi-Fi-connected air conditioner and Led lights. That’s all a dog needs to feel comfortable in its house along with good food, water, and sleep.

20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend-11
Image: Pinterest

14. Dog Tower 9

Is that a side table or a dog house? Well, it’s both. It is designed by Pijuyan Designs and they named it Dog Tower 9. It is made of a solid core with real wood veneer. You can even place it outdoors.

20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend-12
Image: pijuyandesign

15. Elegant Dog House

This sophisticated modern dog house is made up of fine quality material, allowing your dog to bask in the backyard in safety and exquisite style.

16. Colored Glass Cabin Dog House

This mid-century modern dog house is custom-designed and painted to be modernist. This design was inspired by Piet Mondrian paintings and the Charles/Ray Eames house in Santa Monica, CA. The most fascinating thing about this cabin dog house is its colors, these colors use magnetic interchangeable patterns, so the entire design can be changed in minutes.

17. Aesthetic Dog House

This little pup house is a next-level dog house for your four-pawed friend. It has glass doors and cozy cushions to give your doggie a grand comfort.

20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend-15
Image: Pinterest

18. Chinese Architecture Style Dog House

Some dogs like to live life king size and this quirky Chinese architecture style dog house is surely going to give them one. This house has two different rooms and a glass cabin on the top which makes it the perfect choice for those who own more than one dog.

20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend-16
Image: Zhou

19. Family Home Styled Dog Shelter

This backyard dog abode looks like a family home which is so fancy and fun that your dog may not want to come back inside your home.

20 Fascinating Modern Dog Houses for your Furry Friend-17
Image: FDS NI/Facebook

20. Colonia Villa Grand

Want a unique luxury dog house to match the appearance of your own Villa? Take a look at this Colonia Villa Grand. It will put you in shame thinking that your dog has a better house than yours.

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