10 Best Modern Electric Fireplaces to Keep You Warm Indoors

10 Best Modern Electric Fireplaces to Keep You Warm Indoors

The winter season is hitting on us hard, and it’s time for us to look for solutions to make our interior cozier and warm for the entire family. What can be done better than installing a modern electric fireplace? Modern electric fireplaces have become the most preferred choice to heat homes, and for escalating the ambiance of contemporary home decor. They are not only less expensive to operate but are also portable in size compared to traditional heating sources. They are smokeless and with them you don’t have to worry about cleaning the ash stains time to time for keeping the home tidy.

With increasing concern for the depletion of forests and the associated implications on the environment, people today are looking for heating systems that are environmentally friendly. A modern electric fireplace is a green option for heating homes, as it doesn’t require wood or gas, and it doesn’t burn and produce greenhouse gases. It is much more energy-efficient than other non-electric or traditional heating options.

There are many other reasons for the popularity of electric fireplaces including; easy installation, low maintenance cost, and multiple eye-catching designs to choose from. If you’re planning to install a modern electric fireplace, but not sure which design will suit your space best. Have a look at these 10 best modern electric fireplaces that can make any room look more vibrant, lavish, and cozy.

1. Real Flame Corretto Electric Fireplace

Add a dynamic and vivacious vibe to your room with the sleek Corretto Electric Fireplace. The chic fireplace with modish design is a good choice to install in any room with contemporary interior decor to add a warm and peaceful ambiance. The techie fireplace comes with a remote controller, that lets you choose between orange or blue flames to set the required mood in your room. You can also control brightness level, as well as temperature using the given remote.

2. Holubice Recessed Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

You’ll absolutely love the kind of ambiance and warmth Holubice Recessed wall mounted electric fireplace will provide to your room. Its design is amiss to complement traditional or farmhouse like homes. However, for modern homes; it is more than one can wish for. The flames of the blaze are as appealing as shown in the picture below. They emit a very mesmerizing soft blue and orange glow that make the fire look realistic. The fireplace with a handy remote controller is a perfect blend of great design and amazing technology.

Modern Electric Fireplaces
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3. Dimplex Concrete Shelf Fireplace

Make this winter season warm and fun by gathering up around the Dimplex Concrete shelf fireplace with your entire family. It is a quirky wall-mounted electric fireplace with a concrete shelf base. Its exclusive design and glorious flames make it an elegant piece of decor in a room. The hearthstone makes any room look extravagant and prepossessing. It comes included with a remote control to manage the temperature levels and flames’ intensity.

Dimplex Concrete Shelf Fireplace
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4. Forte Recessed Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

It’s not a television screen, but looks like one; compact, sleek and smart. The Forte recessed wall mounted electric fireplace is the best alternative for rooms with confined space. You’re not required to have a mantel to install it in your space. You can install it on any bare wall without wasting further space in your room. Apart from this, it comes included with remote control.

Forte Recessed Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
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5. Regal Electric Fireplace

The Regal Electric Stove from e-Flame USA is good to go with both modern and traditional interior home decor. It is a good choice for people looking to add a classic holiday charm to their rooms this winter. With the stove, you don’t have to worry about chimney fires, expensive fuel, and messy ashes like a traditional wood stove. Just plug it into any standard household outlet, and your good to make your room cozy, warm, and inviting.

Regal Electric Fireplace
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6. OER Tivoli Electric Fireplace

Embellish the interiors of your house with the beautiful OER Tivoli electric fireplace. Its unique design provides an utterly modern appeal to any plane decor. Its flames with artificial logs and ash inside the glass box look so realistic and alluring. You can manage the intensity of flames and adjust the temperature according to your whims using the given remote. The modish fireplace with a distinctive design uses minimum electricity and helps you save maximum on electricity bills.

OER Tivoli Electric Fireplace
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7. Opti-Myst Verdi Free-standing Electric Fireplace

The Opti-Myst Verdi Free-standing Electric Fireplace is a great versatile option to fit any home decor with any design style. It takes no time for installation, just an empty space in any corner of your room. It provides a three-dimensional fire effect that includes a smoke effect. An electric heater has never been this realistic. The only thing you need to do is to plug it in the socket and then fill the tank with water. ‘Plug and play’!

Opti-myst Verdi free-standing electric fireplace
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8. Kashvi Stainless Recessed Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Kashvi Stainless Recessed Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace has every feature that a modern homeowner wants to have in a fireplace. It is build integrated with a smart Bluetooth speaker with great acoustics to lets you enjoy your favorite tracks while chilling in your room. Along with heat; the fireplace with a glossy metallic frame and 3 flame displays provide allurement and class to any home decor.

Kashvi Stainless Recessed Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
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9. Lauderhill Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Lauderhill Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace is a statement piece for any modern style interior decor. Its striking clean-lined rectangular silhouette in a glossy finish goes well specifically with light-colored interiors. The fireplace features adjustable, flickering LED flames for a realistic fire effect. Its 5118 BTUs heater warms rooms up to 400 square feet, while safety features include thermal overload protection, a timer, and a safety stop. 

Lauderhill Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
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10. Delaine TV Stand with Electric Fireplace Included

If you are planning to install a TV stand in your room and also looking for a solution to heat up your space to make it winter-ready, get your hand on the Delaine TV Stand with Electric Fireplace Included. The TV stand comes with a firebox attached that you can control using a remote control. It is definitely a valuable pick for every homeowner with a lot of storage space to keep valuables safe.

Delaine TV Stand with Electric Fireplace Included
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