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Can Modern Interior Design Beat Vintage Interior Design

While most people are inclining towards simple and chic modern interior these days, the everlasting vintage has also been trending for the past few years. If you are planning to redecorate or renovate your home, it’s best to understand both these designs to make a wise decision.

You can even amalgamate some major elements from both designs to create a space that offers you the best of both worlds. However, if you wish to choose only one out of these two popular interior decor options, then continue to read on to find out the major differences between the two and how to achieve either a modern space or a vintage one.

Vintage Interior Design

Vintage interior design has a long history of popularity, and it is widely recognized to have timeless and classic aesthetic value. The vintage design usually emphasizes vibrant romantic colors and flowing lines, unlike modern design where the major focus is on muted hues.

If you want to style your interior in vintage decor, which is now very close to traditional interior decor you need to use more dark woods in deeper and rich tones. The traditional design highly differs from the modern interior in the way of using patterns. This style usually makes use of patterns, such as plaids, florals, stripes, and paisleys. On the other hand, modern design focuses on minimalist patterns and prints. However, traditional interior design is a lot about detail.

When it comes to adding vintage decor into your home, symmetry is the key. You can take inspiration from homes and cottages from the past and see how they were designed and built. You can further add a classic touch to your interior by using old-style casement windows rather than modern skylights or sliding windows. You can even turn all the attention to your vintage lighting fixtures and traditional furniture in a room. Even walls can be selected in dark hues, such as shades of green, crimson, pale pink, etc.

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1.What is vintage interior design?

The vintage interior decor is elegant and old-fashioned, as it focuses on using artificially aged or old furniture and decor pieces. This style is known to be romantic, due to the use of elegant colors, soft and flowing lines, and lovingly chosen decor and furniture that’s inherited from your grandparents.

2.What are popular vintage colors?

The popular vintage colors are delicate pink, claret, crimson, pale pink, scarlet, saturated green, shades of green/dark green, shades of pink, shades of swamp green, and other vintage colors.

3. What are the important features of a vintage interior? 

Detailing and various decorative elements are the important features for setting up a vintage interior. For instance, the vintage frames, mirror, fabric, dishes, clocks, vases, ware, and other items are great for sprucing up a vintage interior. But never allow congestion and fussiness into space. It is important to create a dazzling compilation of all these things to match your personal style.

Vintage interior is also related to floral elements. If you have fresh flowers, you can keep them in metal vases or crystal vases. But if there are dried flowers with you, you can keep them in a wicker vase or ceramic vase for the vintage appeal.

4. How to match everything in a home when designing it in vintage style?

When designing a vintage home, everything – ceilings, walls, and floor – must follow symmetry. For instance, ceilings must be natural-looking. So, you cannot use plastic panels or stretch ceilings. It is best to have a ceiling with irregularities and elements that make it appear natural and vintage.

The floor can be made of parquet or natural wood. Furthermore, the artificially aging tail must match with the rest of the interior. Chips, cracks, and frays are also allowed. But everything must respond as per the rational frames.

For walls, you can choose one of the two options – patterned wallpapers or a monochromatic one. If you want to cover them in white, pay attention to the detail of accessories and furniture that reflect vintage charm.

5.How to make a particular vintage piece focal point in your room?

We suggest letting your vintage furniture or lighting take the center stage when designing a traditional interior style. This is because it helps in making the purpose of a room very clear. You can allow an accent chair, bed frame, or dining table to be the focal point in a room. If you don’t like the idea, you can make large decorative pieces the focal point of a room. You can look for a large mirror or huge wall art to speak volumes in a room. Even well-kept rugs are the best option for this interior style.

Modern Interior Design

If you prefer a sleek and clean-cut finish, the modern interior decor is likely to woo you than vintage style. Modern interior design mainly emphasizes intentional asymmetry, on the other hand, vintage design has this rustic charm and slightly unevenness naturally.

Modern design isn’t always superior to vintage decor. However, it is contemporary and created to appeal to homeowners who admire new spaces with a fresh and structured design. Modern design is all about clean interiors that are unadorned but clean and crisp. The major component of modern design is minimalism that’s free from trinkets and clutter.

Adding Modern Style To Your Interior – If you prefer modern interior decor, you need to ensure that every element you choose works for your space. Besides the minimalist look, you need to focus on the angular structures that highlight sharp, bold edges that are intrinsically modern yet appealing.

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1. What is modern interior decor?

Modern interior decors are all about the uncluttered, sleek, and crisp style that started in the late 19th century. It reflects modernism and purity with a fuss-free approach to living. The interior designers keep the decor minimal with some industrial materials.

One of the major beliefs about modern design is the idea that “shape follows function.” in short, the design of all decorative items and furnishings must reflect its intended function. If any decor or furnishing doesn’t serve a practical purpose, it’s surely eliminated.

2.What does modern interior style look like?

Modern interior decor is a blend of form and function with well-organized furniture and interior decor pieces. Usually dominated by a white color palette, this interior style often embraces both symmetry and asymmetry in a unique sense of balanced comfort.

3.What is modern traditional style?

The modern traditional style evokes a feeling of family gathering in a casual but unfussy manner. So, rather than formal fining areas with detailed interior, the modern style has a large table in a minimalist setting for everyone to gather and enjoy. This style is a combination of modern and traditional interior design elements.

4.What are the five key elements of modern interior decor?

Here are the five major elements of modern interior decor:

  • Blending in materials and texture.
  • Using color for evoking different moods.
  • Bringing in openness and natural light.
  • Examining lines and shapes of furniture, as well as other elements.
  • Adding tension to both natural and industrial elements.

5. What is the most important factor when designing a modern room?

It’s important to have a good idea of what you want. If you’re not sure, an interior designer’s help can be invaluable. Get help narrowing down your style and theme before you go out and purchase new pieces of furniture and artwork that don’t go together. Some colors work well together, while others clash. You want your living room to represent your personality while still being practical and welcoming.

6.What colors are famous for modern interior decor?

Besides white that usually dominates minimalist modern interiors, earth tones, forest greens, ocean-influenced blues, and other neutral tones are popular for modern interior decor. However, you can even consider adding your preferred muted shades to the interior design.

7. How to create modern interior decor in a room?

Here are five simple ways to create a modern interior design:

  • Add open floor plan to the design
  • Let the natural light enter the interior
  • Add natural materials for an indoor lifestyle
  • Add neutral colors with some vibrant accents
  • Make flooring subtle

What does your interior say about your personality?

If traditional is your preference, you are a unique person with quirky yet classic preferences. Being a very motivated and determined individual, you’re not afraid to face challenges and are willing to take risks and experiment with new things.

Common adjectives that describe traditional interior design are: creative, sophisticated, decisive, and driven.

On the other hand, if you cannot tolerate ornate decorative designs, you are inclined to modern interior design. As an individual, you like your independence and also love to entertain your guests in your open-plan living space. For taking a breather from your busy work schedule, you may prefer indulging in “me time” on the weekend.

Common adjectives that define modern interior design are individualistic, perfectionist, boisterous, and meticulous. 

After Thought – Can Modern Interior Design Beat Vintage Interior Design?

Well, modern interior design is not necessarily better than vintage interior design in today’s era. It’s just a matter of preference and personal choices. Even today some people like vintage interior more than the modern interior, while others prefer modern interior. You simply need to find your individual style and then work on creating a home that suits your liking, as well as lifestyle.

Some more home decorating tips

1.What is the most important element of any interior design?

The functional space is the major element of any interior design. It acts as the foundation of the whole interior decor. So, the designer and user both must be aware of the purpose of the given space, as well as space availability to make the most out of it.

2.When designing a room, what factors are most important? 

Well, the purpose of a room and available space are the major factors that need to be considered when designing a room. Knowing these factors will enable a designer to create a budget relative to a room’s requirements, such as space, furniture, light requirements, etc.

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