Stylish Sofa Comes With an Integrated Dog Bed in its Armrest

Mpup, a leading pet product designer always creates stylish pet furniture keeping a home’s atheistic in mind. This time they created something which not only adds the stylish piece of décor to your home but also provides functionality with comfort to you and your pet both. Their new creation ‘The Dog House Sofa’ is a combination of a Dog house and a sofa. It’s a piece of furniture that you and your dog both can share.

The designer wanted to create a piece of furniture that can help to improve the communication of a human with its dog. He wanted both human and dog to share the same furniture to grow the sense of togetherness. He wanted dogs feel like home in home, and not feel suffocated and alone like they feel in normal enclosed dog houses. It is all made from hardwood and comfy fabric, and the design is so simple yet elegant brighten up any space.

Looking from the front, the sofa looks like any usual sofa with elegant design, but at the left side under the over-sized armrest you get an open surface with padded seating for one or two small dogs to take a nap and sit comfortably. Means, your dog could use the integrated space beneath the armrest, without disturbing the guests who come over to visit you.

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The dog bed cum sofa is cleverly designed that your furry friend can get in and out from the end of the armrest, without disturbing the people sitting on the couch. There is also a secret gap from which your pet can easily jump to the get on the sofa to give you a company. To know more about the product’s size, other specifications, and availability; feel free to visit their website.

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