Lip Smacking Halloween Pastas and Spaghetti For a Perfect Family Dinner

10 Lip Smacking Halloween Pastas and Spaghetti For a Perfect Family Dinner

You must be thinking it’s still a long way to Halloween, but before you even know it the fall is here and the sweet aroma of pumpkins is in the air. Therefore, you must be prepared with your menu for the main event of All Hallows’ Eve that is dinner. Yes, even before you pick out the perfect costume for the Night of Fright.

When you are trying to make the quintessential Halloween dinner, it is good to pair seasonal flavors with fresh produce such as pumpkins, squash, zucchinis and carrots. These items will add rich flavors to your meal and will help amplify the themes of the night.

The eerie effect that gooey eyeballs, dripping blood, and other creepy food accents lend to your food is unparallel. Whether you plan to prepare a spooky and spectacular Halloween dinner or keep it simple, here are 10 spooky pasta and spaghetti ideas to help you create an elaborate and mouth-watering spread for your Halloween dinner.

1. Frankenstein Pasta for Halloween

Frankenstein is a name that evokes spooky vibes, but this Frankenstein pasta is an adorable addition to your Halloween dinner. Easy to make, this Barilla Veggie Pasta has the goodness of cucumbers, which also double as the “bolts” in the monster’s neck. Although there are other foods to choose from, the olives make a perfect pick for the hair, nose and mouth. You can use slices of mozzarella to make big googly eyes. It is not spooky, but healthy and delicious as well.

2. Meaty Eyeball Spaghetti

Well, Halloween dinner can be anything but normal, so snazz it up with some creative and spooktacular twist to your food. Here we have a recipe for meaty eyeball spaghetti. Meatballs are absolutely delicious and can be made to look like monster eyeballs. Follow the instructions and top off with some mozzarella and black olives. Pour warm marinara sauce over spaghetti and scatter with meatballs. Then add a piece of cheese and olive to each meatball to mimic the eyeballs.

Meaty Eyeball Spaghetti

3. Eyeball Halloween Spaghetti

Eerie eyeball meal is a fun recipe for Halloween. It is an easy means to serve before going trick or treating. Besides, kids love the spooky Halloween spaghetti and mozzarella eyeballs, as they are not only in perfect with the theme of the night but are absolutely delicious. Besides, it is a good meal before swallowing down all that candy. Blend your spaghetti with your favorite sauce, top it with mozzarella balls with sliced olives to make the eyes. The choice of the sauce makes a big difference to create this spooky and monster-like meal, so grab your cooking essentials and go ahead.

4. Multi-ingredient Halloween Pasta

Shapes and colors matter the most when you are prepping for Halloween dinner, as it is important to evoke the eerie vibes of the day through each thing. Try whipping up a spooky Halloween meal with Halloween-shaped and wagon wheel-shaped pasta. Add in hearty flavors of pumpkin, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, garlic, onion, chili, garbanzo beans and olives. Top it with Parmesan cheese and oregano to allure the kids. It will satiate your hunger after toiling in the kitchen and keep in the Day of the Dead theme.

Multi-ingredient Halloween Pasta
Image: allrecipes

5. Baked Spooky Eyeball Pasta

Baked dishes are everyone’s favorite. They offer a perfect blend of tender and crunchy texture. This baked spooky eyeball pasta is a good meal to be served with mixed salad. Easy to make and quite delicious, you need to cook the pasta until tender, and then fry it with onion, bacon, tomatoes, garlic, and sauce. Then season to taste, shift the pasta into a baking dish, and bake for 20 minutes. Create spooky eyeballs with cheese slices and olives. And voila! Your baked meal is ready.

6. Healthy Halloween Pasta Salad

This healthy, lip-smacking and spooky Halloween pasta salad is an easy recipe to make and is the perfect dish to serve at or bring to a party. It is an adaptable dish, where you can swap one ingredient with another with ease, with endless possibilities. Mix in your favorite pasta with any vegetables of your preference. You can very easily cut out eyes on the cucumber slice as you would on a pumpkin. You can make your own dressing and clad your pasta salad in a scary style.

Healthy Halloween Pasta Salad

7. Black and Orange Halloween Linguine Pasta

Cooking by color might not be your favorite way to develop holiday-themed meals, but the lure of black and orange linguine for Halloween is simply irresistible. Cook black linguine pasta and infuse it with orange-colored vegetables, the lusty flavor of garlic and hot pepper. You might deem it overkill, but the flavors and the hues work really well together and taste brilliant. This dish will be such a hit with your family and friends that you will be making this pasta combination over and over again, long after the jack-o-lanterns have gone.

Black and Orange Halloween Linguine Pasta
Recipe: epicurious

8. Spooky Spaghetti

This one is families who have Halloween dinner rituals, such as spaghetti and meatballs. Let’s face it; spaghetti has this innate capability of looking pretty gruesome with a creative hand and a Halloween theme. Try this delectable and eerie-looking spaghetti and meatball recipe for a fun meal on Halloween. You can also make this dish with your kids as it is easy to make and kids will love being creative with food.

9. Spooky Eyeball Pasta

This fun Halloween recipe will be gobbled up within minutes. Easy and cute, this eyeball pasta is a delicious dinner recipe for your family and friends. Evoking a spooky vibe, these edible eyeballs on pasta contain cheese and lots of flavors. Before your little ones go out for a night of trick-or-treating, get them to munch on this wholesome meal. This pasta recipe is not only perfect with the theme but is also nutritious. So, gather your cooking essentials and march ahead!

10. Witch Hair Halloween Spaghetti

This witch’s hair Halloween spaghetti is a great addition to your dinner party. The jet black strands of squid ink spaghetti dressed with garlic and chili oil are just lip-smacking (plus, the garlic will keep the vampires at bay…you know, it’s Halloween). It is a deliciously silky meal with many subtle flavors of the sea and looks amazingly sensational on the dinner table. This dish will make you a hit among your family and friends. So give it a try.

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