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How to Corpse a Skeleton in Different Ways – A Definite Step by Step Guide

One of the fun things about Halloween is preparing for a scary decoration that can fright people in the neighborhood. What are the all options we have? Skeletons, spiders, witches, ghosts, pumpkins, ravens, and cats are normal, and people expect these to see everywhere around Halloween. So what different and new we can put up this year to give our neighbors a spine-chilling sight, that they can’t forget for years? Try corpsing a skeleton prop that looks like a 100 years old cadaver carcass of a mummy found in a burry. And believe me corpsing a skeleton is not tough, even if you own manageable crafting skills. You can corpse a skeleton in different spooky ways to give your Halloween decoration one of a kind bloodcurdling appeal.

Way 1 (Corpse Skeleton Using Plastic and Heat Gun)

In way 1, we are corpsing a skeleton simply using a plastic wrap, a heat gun, and a few other things that can be readily available at home. The project is originally by Spyridoula Nemesis and you can read his full tutorial on Instructables with step by step making procedure. I am here only showing you the final product and the simple procedure that he followed.

Image: Instructables

Things you need:

  • A human-sized skeleton
  • Two big clear plastic wraps to cover the skeleton
  • An embossing heat gun
  • Two wood stain paints (brown stain and red Stain)
  • A bristle brush
  • A sponge


1. Wrap a layer or two of plastic around your skeleton prop from head to toe.

2. Start hitting the heat gun to the wrapped skeleton carefully, to melt the plastic for making it look like a corpse skin over the skeleton.

3. You can use one layer of plastic where you want some bone to show up under the skin of the skeleton.

4. Try making more holes on the flesh of your skeleton friend with the heat gun for a more realistic look.

5. Make sure the plastic sticks the skeleton from the front and back flawlessly to provide the feel of tendons.

6. Paint the skeleton using the wood stain paints, in shiny wood and red shade.

7. Try to give the skeleton desired corpse effect mixing the colors really well.

Note: The procedure of melting plastic and painting prop will be the same for almost all corpse skeleton projects shown in the list. To get the better idea of doing it properly, watch the video by Still Beast Studios.

Way 2 (Corpse Skeleton in the Shape of a Human Spider)

The way 2 is by a Reddit user that he crafted in the year 2018. What’s different about this corpse skeleton project is that it is in the shape of a human and a spider. The creator bought the skeleton prop for this project from a Halloween store and then he corpsed it into an eerie dead creature. However, if you are unable to find the same prop, you can create one on your own by re-attaching a skeleton’s bones to look like a spider. Here’s all what all you need to do to give this project a final shape. Learn it from the creator.

How-to-Corpse-Skeleton-for-Halloween Way 2
Image: Imgur

Things you need

  • Skeleton prop $16
  • Gel stain $15
  • Plastic Drop Cloth $2
  • Chip Brushed $3
  • (Optional) Tan acrylic paint for dry brushing: $3
  • Heat Gun $25


1. Start painting the prop a little bit with gel and tan stain to get the hands-on practice first.

2. Wrap the plastic cloth one by on the prop’s legs, then hit the heat gun to melt and fix the plastic around each leg.

3. Repeat the step to wrap and attach plastic on the other parts of the prop, including the skull.

4. Paint the prop’s legs with gel stain, then wipe it off with some paper or a piece of towel to give them a rough like texture, with a little bit of bone showing.

5. Do the same for other parts of the prop, including the skull.

6. When done, coat the painted prop with a little bit of tan acrylic dry paint, and make corrections to make it look real corpse.

7. The final corpse of the scary spider human skeleton is ready.

Way 3 (Female Version of a Corpse Skelton)

Way 3 is the female version of a corpse skeleton with a bit of hair on its head, and a scary styrofoam ball eye to keep an eye on everyone at home. This is a fun and scary project by My Ghoul Friday, that you can try making follow their step by step guide.

How to corpse a skeleton in diffrent ways scary ways
Image: My Ghoul Friday

Things you need

  • Hot glue gun
  • White glue or “Sculpt or Coat”
  • Plastic wrap
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Acrylic paint
  • Wig
  • Scissors
  • Epoxy


1. Start with painting the skeleton with white acrylic paint with just a little add of brown, mix the color in almost gray to give the first coat to your skeleton.

2. Wrap plastic skin all over the skeleton using a heat gun.

2. After that, use shades of brown and decayed red to color the skeleton.

3. Paint the joints, cracks, and crevices a little carefully; highlight them in a more appropriate way to make them look noticeable.

4. Cut some rough pieces of hair from the wig you have picked, and attach them on to the head of the skeleton in no definite manner using white glue.

5. Make the hair look creepy and scary by painting them in gray dusty color.

6. Now, cut the styrofoam ball in half, and paint it in blue and light gray.

7. Fix the eye using the hot glue gun into the eye bone structure.

8. Add a line of hot glue around the edge of the eye, then paint it with dry brown color, to provide it a more decayed look. This will also make the eye look shiny and scary.

9. Remove the plastic skin from the teeth to highlight the smile of the skeleton.

10. The corpse of a skeleton is ready, now you can place her wherever you want with a few other props.

Way 4 (Corpse a Skeleton With Organs Intact and Blood)

This one has a little skin on the bones with dirty black and red blood. This corpse skeleton by Glen Green Dot Com also has some organs still intact, which means this one is not too old. Creating this dead mummy will be a fun project, as this project requires a number of steps and various building material, give it a try only by following the tutorial by the original creator.

Image: Glen Green Dot Com

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