20 Popular Types of Interior Design Styles Explained (Explore Images)

20 Popular Types of Interior Design Styles Explained with Images (2021-2022)

Interior design is the art or process of designing the interior space inside your home. Interior design comes in a vast range of formats and formulas, each offering its distinct flavor, finish, and experience. While the perceptions of design style can be confusing without a proper frame of what you want, there are so many types of interior design styles to help you make an informed decision regarding the makeover of your living space.

Here we are going to discuss the most popular interior design styles that will help you visualize how various rooms and styles can be combined to create a personalized decor theme. From modern and industry to shabby chic, every type of interior design style will be explained with description, identification of specific features, examples of signature furniture, and lighting aspects. Here are 20 types of most popular interior design styles for you to take inspiration from and transform your living space.

1. Contemporary Style

One of the most popular types of interior design styles, Contemporary style of decorating is characterized by simplicity, subtle sophistication, brilliant usage of texture, and fine lines. This current and ever-evolving style echoes prevalent trends and tastes of any given time. It differentiates from the modernist aesthetic by presenting a more impartial and wholesome approach to interior design. It utilizes elements, colors, and lines laid in gentler compositions to make a visually appealing and functionally efficient living area.

2. Modern Style

Modern design style celebrates material, technology, and compositions through authenticity, transparency, and efficiency. It commonly refers to a modern style that is sleek, without much clutter or accessories involved. The modern style embraces a form with simplicity in every aspect of the interior design and describes a home with careful compositions, crisp lines and geometry, a sober color palette, and the use of materials like metal, glass, and steel. Inspired by the Modernist art movement, the modernist style was born at the beginning of the 20th century with a reinvention of the beautiful reunion of space and aesthetics.

3. Mid-Century Modern Style

Born in the aftermath of World War II, mid-century modern is a type of interior design style that differentiates from its counterparts through its vivid use of color, clear articulate lines, and interactive dialogues with nature and the outdoors. This quaint style aims to strengthen interpersonal bonds – as space was viewed as a way for personal and social ideologies to grow in the post-WWII world. The main features of this design style are the huge, spacious open-planned interiors with a focus on shared and communal areas with broad interfaces between the indoors and the great outdoors, and a functional and visual clarity to define these spaces. While the most common color palette for this trend is warm hues of nature such as orange, yellow, green, and brown, deviations are also in existence.

4. Rustic Design Style

One of the most popular types of interior design styles, rustic design draws inspiration from nature, utilizing raw and unfinished elements including wood and stone. It incorporates accessories from the outdoors with tenderness imitating from the design and architectural details that include characteristics such as vaulted ceilings embellished with wood beams or reclaimed wooden floors. This beautiful design style has a classical simplicity and warm aura about it and stands out among the most popular interior styles that are continually relevant. Its irresistible charm invokes a homely vibe, therefore, it can be found in various buildings and interiors both, in country houses, and urban dwellings.

5. Minimalist Style

Originated from the Minimalist art movement, and inspired by traditional Japanese design and Zen philosophy, minimalist interiors convey the elemental characters of modernism in a nearly puritanical palette. Minimalism predominantly removes the pomp and show of the design styles and represents them in their basic state. It offers an aesthetic that depends on the effectiveness of the design. It eliminates the commotions of clutter, restructures the interiors to maximize bold visual impacts and the causal use of the space. Utilizing concealed storage and careful detailing, the style explores soft-toned colors, plenty of natural light, and expressive lines.

20 Popular Types of Interior Design Styles Explained with Images (2021-2022)-5
Image: Downshiftology

6. Scandinavian Style

Alike its modernist corresponding types of interior design styles, Scandinavian style embodies a simple, functional, and efficient approach to style indoors. This popular design strikes a careful sense of balance between minimalist efficiency and a warm atmosphere. Scandinavian style is defined by organic materials, exposed ornamentation, and brilliant detailing. The color palette plays with black and white, with grays and blues and the intermittent splash of color bring a visual breather. Outlines and contours in Scandinavian interiors are wholesome and graceful, which creates a cozier vibe in even the smallest and minimalists of layouts and arrangements.

7. Industrial Style

Industrial interior style is a marriage of the modernist aspects of efficiency and functionality by changing the effective parts of a building into its key aesthetic aspects. Beams, columns, pipes, ducts, and extensions are brought to the front to focus the machine for living, making these interiors for the most part in a masculine nuance. This type of interior design style does not shy away from utilizing heavy and rough articles, often employing the worn, recycled, and salvaged material. Industrial style interiors are a primary choice for warehouse transformations and loft remodeling. It leans a bit toward warm, neutral colors such as grays and browns with iron or steel and vintage industrial patterns of furniture along with complementary representations of concrete and fragmentary brickwork.

8. Urban Style

The urban interior design is the resolute vibe of the metropolitan context indoors, defined elegantly through city elements and designs. This style experiments with atypical materials and features, with curious picks of ideas to conjure up distinctive looks, quite often bohemian. It collaborates on structural characteristics, industrial components, and exposed ducting to bring out elaborate industrial sensibilities. Combining these elements in clear open spaces, this style highlights light colors and clean finishes adding a stroke of feminine sophistication.

9. Classic Style

Steeped in the smoothness and luxuries of traditional European decor, the classic style turns to the precedent to fashion ideas for the upcoming. It uses classical propositions to bring out time-tested elements, motifs and proportions to fit a contemporary way of life. Classic style interiors are distinctive with their outlines such as winged back chairs, elaborate furniture pieces, claw-footed tables, and other furniture and feature designs that usually have originated in 18th century English, Neoclassical, French Country or Colonial styles. Using pale and simple backdrops, the lines and profiles of this style absorb the classical magnificence into space. Classic interior design employs delicate carved and lacquered dark wood furniture with architectural adornments flourish. 

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10. Transitional Style

A surprising and refreshing fusion of the classic and the contemporary modern interior design style, the transitional style explicitly exhibits the specific individuality. It creates a perfect balance for these two different types of interior design styles, which couldn’t be more dissimilar from each other. Transitional design employs solid furniture articles with large and sturdy structures, with curved lines and emphasis on ease. Through its lack of straight and loud lines, transitional style invokes a lavish sophistication with modest simplicity. Featuring neutral and monochromatic color palettes for walls, ceilings, flooring, and upholstery, it adds cozy vigor and poise to any space.

11. Art Deco Style

The original Art Deco represented luxury, glamour, and exuberance. Similarly, the Art Deco interior design style favors bold and grandiloquent compositions. Originated in the excitement and glamour of post-war, this style offered a new visual for a new era. It explores the order and symmetry of lines and geometry with various valiant designs and compositions. Creating angular patterns, layered designs, and bold curves the Art Deco exploit the shiny surfaces to playfully experiment with form and beauty in chrome and brass fitting, glossy paints, lacquered wood, and an abundance of sprinkled glass and mirrored elements.

Art Deco Style Interior Decor
Image: Modsy

12. French Country Style

The words French Country invoke an image of warm and homely cottage, set in countryside. This particular type of interior design style is the key to design the perfect country-styled interior that are born from different traditions such as English, French, Tuscan or Scandinavian, etc, and bring out a significant vocabulary to the dwelling. Using an organic and rustic palette, this style utilizes wood, pottery, and other crude substances to carve out an intimate quality. Earthy, muted colors and patterned fabrics with papered or stenciled walls are the indicative of French Country style. It is a wonderful inspiration for ambient farmhouse design. 

French Country Style Interior decor ideas for 2021
Image: Elle Decor

13. Bohemian Style

Bohemian has become a quite popular style for home design as it reflects the relaxed lifestyle with minute rules. This type of interior design styles allows one to follow their heart’s desire. It employs vintage furniture and light fixtures, which can be procured from widely varied sources including flea markets. The bohemian style often is seen to use floor pillows and comfortable seating spaces. The miscellaneous style incorporates an ultra-glam chandelier paired with a well-worn rug – it basically pairs two glamorous things from two entirely different worlds.

Bohemian Style interior decor ideas for 2021-2022
Image: Brabbu

14. Coastal Style

There is nothing more relaxing and intoxicating like the ocean and the coastal style invokes that a fresh, relaxed, and excitingly versatile vibe that takes organic inspirations into new dimensions. This style doesn’t merely adorn the interiors with oceanic materials, motifs and elements, but enhances them by offering a sun-kissed and nautical aesthetic. It utilizes the perfect contrast of white and blue sets the interiors apart, while bringing plenty of natural light inside. Coastal style plays with organic materials that remind of summers, such as aqua, teal, turquoise, and numerous shades of blue.

Coastal Style Interior decor ideas for 2021-2022
Image: Houzz

15. Shabby Chic Style

Originating in the 80s, the shabby chic style of interior designs recreates the traditional British aesthetics with soft, feminine visual proclamations. Designed with light and airy spaces, this style maintains a beautiful equilibrium between the worn-out look of an English cottage and the subtle luxuries of classical authorities, creating an absolutely romantic aura with a proclivity for the finer things in life. The touch of perfection is provided by soft cotton and French linen through fluidity in design. It makes use of shabby chic furnishings with antique-style finishes; the color palette includes white, cream, and pastels.

16. Tropical Style

One of the most striking types of interior design styles, tropical style interiors are all about the romantics of the endless beaches, the verdant jungles and the lively colors of the exotic lands. Making the use of lush greens and shades of turquoise and blue, this style creates backgrounds for cheerful strokes of colors such as pink, purple, and orange on various accessories and interior textiles. Striking prints of tropical fruit and palm leaves adorn the walls in this design. Taking inspiration from the natural world, essential furniture items are usually composed of wood. Items such as doors, tables, beds, chairs, cabinets and storage units are made of royal teak, cozy bamboo or rattan, delicate wicker, or majestic mahogany. 

Fresh Tropical Style interior decor ideas
Image: Decoist

17. Farmhouse Style

This type of interior design style belongs among the top preferred trends in Europe, North America, and other European-colored corners of the globe. Its main characteristics invoke warm and nostalgic charm of the cozy farmhouse in the tranquil countryside. Farmhouse style features tidy spaces with cozy and functional furniture, with soft and neutral tones. Vintage and contemporary trends blend in interior décor to create a balanced mix-and-match display. This style brings out the homely vibe with a relaxed and welcoming aura.

Farmhouse Style interior decor ideas 2021
Source: @vintagewhisperer via Instagram

18. Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean style is influenced by the location, featuring touches of Spain, Greece, and Italy in the interiors. It includes plenty of ornamental styling, columns, and arches. Bright and bold colors inspired by sea and sky – such as turquoise, emerald, and yellow, bring the beauty of various cultures and interior trends to one space. It has decorative mosaic tiles on interior elements such as floors, tabletops, bullnose-edged counters, mirrors, and backsplashes to create a charming rustic aesthetic. Mediterranean homes have distinct red-tiled rooftops, wrought iron banisters, and balconies.

20 Popular Types of Interior Design Styles Explained
Image: Pufikhomes

19. Victorian Style

Although not much popular these days, the Victorian style is used in older homes to preserve the beautiful and royal Victorian-era homes. It has some fabulous key design elements such as asymmetrical designs, vibrant colors, decorative trim, and textured wall surfaces with complex patterns from wall-to-ceiling wallpapers to lavish fabrics. Featuring elaborate and massive furniture, huge accessories, and walk-out versions or built-in bench, Victorian interiors are filled with beautiful colors, lots of ornate details, and luxurious style.

20. Eclectic Style

Eclectic style interiors are surprising, unexpected and unafraid to break the rules of conventional interior design styles. Personifying individuality and freedom, this style combines various aspects of other styles to create a lot of variation and layering. Eclectic style depends on main design sensibilities through striking harmony through color, composition, balance, and materiality. Various fabrics and textures play an important role in bringing variations, fluidity and coherence in the design.

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