Isadora Coffee Table

Isadora Coffee Table For People Who Like Distinctive Decor

If you are looking for options to make your interior look distinctive and playful, there is no better pick than Isadora Coffee Table designed by Kelly Wearstler Studio. The Los Angeles-based female designer has an eye for detail, and you can clearly see it in her newest table design. She created a one of kind coffee table with a unique base made of six cast-bronze female legs.

Isadora Coffee Table is a piece of art that combines functionality and sculpture in one. And you’ll love to have it in your modern homes to enhance the luxury appeal. The large coffee table is entirely hand-polished using the finest bronze shade. Its tempered glass tabletop is placed over six feminine legs. Out of six, three legs are positioned upward to hold the tabletop, and the other three legs work as support for the table. The tempered glass top is banded in the same bronze shade to make the coffee table look even and fulsome.

The sculpture coffee table is definitely an ideal deal for people who like to have eclectic furniture pieces in their homes, and they can get their hands on this Coffee table for $28,995. It is only available in pre-order, and it will take about 24 weeks to build and ship to your doorstep.

Image: Kelly Wearstler
Image: Kelly Wearstler
Image: Kelly Wearstler

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