Kenneth Cobonpue’s Star Wars Furniture Collection is a Treat for Franchise Fans

Kenneth Cobonpue’s Star Wars Furniture Collection is a Treat for Franchise Fans

George Lucas’s magnum opus Star Wars began in 1977 and since then it has gained a huge fan base throughout the globe. The movie franchise has inspired many architectural structures, furniture items and interior designs. The Filipino industrial designer, Kenneth Cobonpue has created an impeccable Star Wars furniture collection which even George Lucas would approve of.

The stunning Star Wars Collection unveils as an unusual depiction of the iconic characters and themes from the timeless cult movie series. The series is anchored within the design philosophy of the firm that combines expressive and organic metaphors and textures.

It is created in partnership with Disney to bring out a fascinating furniture collection that appeals to every Star Wars fan. These casual articles mingle handmade artistry with modern materials and technologies to create novel and poignant statement pieces. Here are the furniture pieces of Star Wars x Disney Collection by Kenneth Cobonpue.

Imperial Tie Fighter Wings Easy Armchair

Taking inspiration from Star Wars’ Imperial Tie Fighters, Kenneth Cobonpue’s armchair accurately transforms the conceptual interstellar aircraft design into a furniture article. The chair features a welded aluminum pipe outline with entwined polyethylene cord to give it the legendary appearance of an Imperial Tie Fighter jet, with its large, hexagonal wings that double as armrests and a body in the middle to form a seat and backrest.

Although the design is somewhat changed for comfort and stability, at large it reminds of the fictional jet. The chair design is available in black and off-white, which exactly make it a spitting image of those jets and making it a great addition to the living space of any franchise fan.

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Image: Kennethcobonpue

The Imperial Tie Fighter Wings End Table

Inspired by the Imperial fleet, this product captures the quintessence of elegant design and bold imageries. It has a fiberglass reinforced polymer and aluminum structure that makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. With a tabletop similar to the wings of the Tie fighter and a base representing the front window of the same, this furniture article ships you straight to a galaxy far, far away. Available in matt black or whitewash, this dainty side table is a simple representation of a modern and functional design.

Sidious Easy Armchair

Undoubtedly, when we first saw Darth Vader, his mere presence sent chills down our spine. This iconic piece of furniture captures the mysterious presence and power of the character. The Sidious Armchair is designed with an elevated back rest with a curvilinear base. This piece is rendered with a bold black hue and piercing red eyes marked on the cushioning. The elegantly woven foundation of the chair uplifts the cloudiness of its cushioning, both of which help bring out the outlining imager of this alien furniture article. 

Vader Easy Armchair

The Vader Easy Armchair symbolizes the scheming nature of the primary antagonist of the film series. Featuring a zapping swivel table and formidable open weave canopy, the chair represents an open cocoon and a curved backrest that alludes to the iconic metal helmet worn by the dark lord. Uplift on a metal pedestal, the chair’s elaborate grooves on the cushioning showcase the features of the gas mask or the breathing apparatus used by Anakin Skywalker after his turn to evil.

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