Klickitat Treehouse the Perfect Social Distancing Vacation House

Klickitat Treehouse the Perfect Social Distancing Vacation Home

In these difficult times when everyone wants to stay at bay from the fatal Coronavirus spread, leaving homes for vacation or going to places with a massive crowd for holiday is not a safe or wise decision. It’s almost been more than 8 months people are battling the pandemic and following the social distancing guidelines staying at their homes. However, now when everything is open, and everyone can finally book a vacation with their families; socially distanced or people-free rentals have become a preference for most people.

Here we have got you one striking treehouse that you’ll of course love, but you’ll also love the fact that it allows you to do social distancing in wilderness. Klickitat Treehouse in White Salmon in Washington State keeps you safe and away from the hustle of urban life.

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The treehouse sits twenty feet above from the ground on three Douglas Fir Trees. It is the highest point, providing unobstructed view of Mount Adams. The structure of the treehouse draws inspiration from mountain lifestyle and Scandinavian architecture, offering simplicity, functionality and comfort. It is designed in a way to merge with the scenery, using natural building materials. The structure allows abundance of natural light to come in, through clever placement of glass windows. The best part is wooden deck that allows you to soak in sun and enjoy breezy air coming from Mound Adams. The deck is spacious enough to play outdoor games with loved ones. There is also a propane grill placed in one corner of the deck so that you can use to serve tasty family meals around the patio table, and chill out in the adirondack chairs.

The stunning retreat accommodates four people, but if you are eight or more you can also rent out Cedar Shack Tiny House in addition to the treehouse. The interior is packed with all the amenities required for living a comfortable life. By opening the sliding glass door, you lead to the living room, which has a yellow leather couch with a couple of pillows and a blanket on it. Other than a couch you will find a small coffee table, rug, indoor plants, and some books there.

The treehouse also features a bedroom and a loft area below the ceiling, and both accommodate a queen bed for two. Other than that, there is a full bathroom with a sink and toilet. Also, a mud-set shower is installed off the main living area. Means, you can enjoy a hot shower on the treehouse deck while looking up at the trees.

On the ground, there is a private fire pit with some wooden log seating arrangement for outdoor parties. All these things together make Klickitat Treehouse a perfect vacation retreat.

Klickitat Treehouse the Perfect Social Distancing Vacation House
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Treehouse for Social Distancing Vacation
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