Ming Architects’s Floating Staircase is an Epitome of Perfect Craftsmanship

Ming Architects’s Floating Staircase is an Epitome of Perfect Craftsmanship

A staircase within the interiors of a home not only connects the floors of the home it adds to the ambiance of the home especially when designed by Ming Architects. A design focused architectural firm located in Singapore is known for its well crafted contemporary homes. Ming Architects is one bold architectural firm that makes sure to set the trends and raise benchmarks for its competitors and ensures quality and superb designs for its clients.

One such creation from Ming Architects is the floating staircase designed in one of the homes in Singapore. On having a look at the staircase one is left spellbound since the staircase connects the two parts of the home without any support visible to the eyes. Looking from a distance the staircase is raised above the ground without any support. The first step you are going to take from the ground on to the floating staircase might even scare you since you know there’s no support beneath.

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The handrail is another masterpiece designed by Ming Architects. The handrail is in the shape of the stairs and each vertical element of the handrail shows the depth of each tread. Each element of the handrail has been crafted with precision which creates an awesome aura of design and craftsmanship within the home.

The stairs have been clad in teak wood which further adds to its style and the ambiance of the home. With no support from beneath the area is fully available to be utilized as a cozy corner to showcase your possessions or have a few cabinets that can be utilized for storage and other purposes. Your kids can utilize it as a hiding space or playing area.

Ming Architects is surely a firm that loves experimenting and the floating staircase with a handrail that follows the design is a perfect example of high craftsmanship and a revolutionary design that will go quite well with people who have an understanding and love for unique and high class design for their interiors.

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Ming Architects’s Floating Staircase

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