The Lilly Pad – The Most Exquisite Shipping Container House

The Lilly Pad – The Most Exquisite Shipping Container House

I haven’t come across any fine-looking and well-planned shipping container house before this.  Have a look at “The Lilly Pad”, how beautiful and inviting this standard-sized shipping container house looks. The gorgeous black and brown tiny abode is located amidst 13 acres of woods near Logan, Ohio, and is an amazing example of the unexpected potential of shipping containers for housing purposes. The tiny container house undoubtedly can be a great inspiration for people who want to continue with a sustainable lifestyle.

You can book your stay in this striking shipping container house on Airbnb.  We are sure you won’t regret booking your stay there with your partner, as it is packed with all the facilities you need to make your stay Insta-worthy, memorable, and comfortable. We’ll come to the interior later, the scenery around it so picturesque that you won’t want to check out soon.

Outside you get an extremely spacious covered patio with a comfortable seating arrangement for four.  You also get a hot tub, a grill, a fire pit, and a twin size swing bed.  All these conveniences make this tiny property a perfect place to spend summer evenings admiring enthralling woods. Also, there is a nice small set of a staircase that leads you to the tiny container and patio.

Though this home has a very small area, it contains everything you would need to live a comfortable off-grid life. It accommodates one bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. The bedroom is small but cozy and has a full-height window that offers a scenic view of the forest. The windows of the house have received special treatment for privacy that you can shut them off anytime if you need more privacy.

Even if the living area is tiny, it seems so spacious because of the brilliant use of the motorized glass garage door that allows you to build a strong connection with the incredible landscapes.

The kitchen has all the useful amenities, including a fridge, sink, stove, and microwave.  There are a lot of storage cabinets and countertop spaces in the kitchen as well. The big glass window in the kitchen is a bonus to admire the nature outside.

Considering the size of The Lilly Pad, the lavish bathroom is surprisingly roomy. It has a nice corner shower, toilet seat, and a cool vanity. Though the home is sized to comfortably accommodate two people, its outdoor area makes it ideal for the gathering of four people. Book your stay now.

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