This Handmade Halloween Raven Costume is a Real Badass

This Handmade Halloween Raven Costume is a Real Badass

Halloween is almost upon us, and most people have started to get their type of Halloween costumes and accessories at online stores. Well, if you think you can craft one for yourself or want to wear handmade costume for that party you have been invited to, you must have a look at this creepy and cool DIY Halloween raven costume. Looking at this, any person will first assume that it is a costume made inspired by a raven or a crow, but that’s not true. The artist and video game art director, Rah Bop made it keeping Kenku people in mind. She first created a character, D&D Kenku, Rue, for a video game project, and then made a costume similar to it.  

Kenkus in the game are crow-like humanoids in Exandria, who have avian heads with a large beak and silky black feathers. They have all their body covered with feathers except their clawed hands and the skin starting about halfway up their legs.  Unlike ravens, Kenkus lack wings. They are smaller than humans, averaging only 5 feet tall and weighing only 90 to 120 pounds. Kenkus are not capable to speak, but they used to mimic a wide variety of sounds, including humans’. That’s why they are popularly known as Kenku people.

If you pop through Rah’s Tumblr page, you’ll be able to tell that she has an eye for detail. How efficiently she pinned feathers in the costume to look like of a Kenku. How proficiently she crafted head with spine schilling expression on the face, with terrifying yellow eyes. She crafted everything from the scratch with hands.

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The young Seattle, Washington, USA based artist make costumes for fun, and this one she worn at Anthrocon 2016, PAX West 2016, and Emerald City Comicons 2017 and 2018. The costume is still on the limelight, because of its intricate detailing. If you want try making it, see the tutorial shared by Rah on her Youtube channel.

D&D Kenku Costume For halloween by Rah Bop
This Handmade Halloween Raven Costume is a Real Badass
This Handmade Halloween Raven Costume is a Real Badass-6
This Handmade Halloween Raven Costume is a Real Badass-4

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