Transparent Tvs by Xiaomi

Transparent Tvs by Xiaomi and LG Reshapes the Future

The Idiot box has been reinvented once again and this time the change is so much profound that you might not be able to wait for it to become a common feature. Its time to change your TV viewing experience. Gone are the days when TV companies used to boast of providing the best functions, top sound quality or a crystal clear image. The newly introduced transparent television gives a floating image experience to its viewers.

With an edge to edge transparent display this particular technology has been lapped up by almost all major television manufacturing companies worldwide and the lead has been taken by Xiaomi – The Chinese manufacturer. Seeing through to the other side of the television is quite easy and makes it a must have gadget for your living room. This is one gadget that’s going to take you into the future. You might take it as another major step into the future. Xiaomi has already taken the lead in mass production of the transparent television.

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The technology working behind this innovative transparent television aka OLED is quite amazing. It is constructed with a couple of layers of plastic which is a organic or carbon based material. These are sandwitched between two layers of glass which make it a see through or transparent television. Tiny clear cathodes inject electrons into the screen. When the transparent television is switched on electricity is sent through the plastic layers which reacts with the chemicals in the plastic to create that magical floating image experience.

Transparent TV
MI Transparent TV
Transparent TV - MI

LG another leading television manufacturer makes it possible for people to install it in various ways to fit into existing structures and spaces. LG’s transparent television has been designed as a semi assembled display. The applications of LG’s transparent television offer a limitless application and can complement any venue where they are installed. LG claims that this transparent television is quite robust to endure shock and vibrations from the surrounding environment – maybe a loud music system. This LG television is 22.4 kgs when it comes packed in a carton to your home. With a screen size of 55” and native resolution of 1920 X 1080 (FHD). This transparent television comes with a transparency of 38%.

Smart Transparent TV LG
LG Transparent TV- Future is here

Enjoy this cutting edge technology of transparent television with AI homes and smart digitally controlled homes on the anvil.

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